How to Use Duplicate Files Fixer and Finder – Download Links and Guide

Duplicate Files Fixer

Want to find and delete Duplicate files available on your device? If yes, then you are at right place. Today I will provide you the best way to delete all duplicate files available on your computer and on Android phone with the help of Duplicate files fixer. It will work as a duplicate files finder too and delete them.


What are duplicate files?

Ok, let’s understand this as an example. Suppose you downloaded a file from the internet, and save it to a “downloads” folder. But after some time, you forget about it, and then take that file from your friend through pen drive, and copy-paste it to another folder named “documents”.

duplicate files fixer

In this case, there are 2 files instances which have a same, same data, same size and thumbnail. But their path was different. One is in the downloads folder and another one is in the documents folder, but you only knows that there is only 1 file. This makes a conflict and we can say that there is a duplicate file of the file which is present in your computer right now.


How Twin files / Double Files created?

There are many ways through which duplicate files created on your device. Some of the main ways are described below:-

  • If you took a backup and store it without deleting previously available files.
  • If you receive any picture/audio/video file(s) and share the same file with another contact via any media sharing app [like shareit]. In such cases, multiple copies are created.
  • When Android media apps create cached images or thumbnails continuously
  • When accidentally downloaded any file twice or thrice from the internet.
  • When you receive any file on Bluetooth more than once (due to connectivity issues or transmission errors)
  • When we Update any app which downloads data [like whatsapp]. In a very rare case, a conflict can happen which leads to the creation of two Instances of the same file, but with another name.


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Why do you need to delete duplicate files?

You should clear all duplicate files. But why? Here’s your answer:-

  • 2 same files can lead to capture 2 times storage space. If the original file is very small in size [maybe in KB or less than 10Mb], then it is OK, but if that file is very big [suppose a game setup or a movie file], then, in this case, you should delete duplicate one.
  • When there is a copy of any file presented on your PC or Android phone, there are very high chances of conflict between them which can even corrupt both files [in a very rare case].
  • Sometimes, it is possible that you made some changes in original file for sending it to someone and by mistake transfer second, copied file. It means you didn’t share that original file which can also create a little embarrassing situation.


Duplicate Files Fixer and finder – Delete Double/Twin file Instances Easily

So friend, for solving the problem of Twin files, here’s a new software named Duplicate Files Fixer launched recently for Android as well as windows which helps you to fix double files issue.

Duplicate Files Fixer



What will this application do?

I know that if you want to delete duplicate files from windows and from Android Phone too, then you are curious to know that what this app can do, here’s your answer:-

  • This app will search all files and extract all multiple copies easily by duplicate files finder feature.
  • You can preview every type of files. This will help you to take a sneak peek at all multiple copies so that you can find which file is original and which one is not.
  • You can search for them according to categories. Like:- audio, video, documents, etc. Means if you want to delete duplicate videos, then you can simply scan for videos only instead of scanning whole storage. Nice feature.
  • After scanning and choosing that which file is a copy or rip-off of an original one, you can directly delete them through an app. You don’t need to go through a file manager to locate that file.

Some Improvements which we want to see in this Software for Windows and Android:-

  • Hope that we can edit files too for more transparency.
  • UI can be more comfortable and easier to use. As of now, it is comfortable, but if we want to make any changes in an app, we have to dig into it for finding app settings.
  • This app is using lots of resources at a time. If it will use fewer resources, it surely makes a positive impact on our smartphone’s or laptop’s battery.
  • Processing time is little Higher. We are expecting it to be reduced with further Future Updates.


Duplicate File Fixer Download Links

Below I am providing the download links to this Application which is available for Windows as well as Android Platform. Just visit their site, have a look at some of its info and download it.

Duplicate files fixer for windows Download:- Click Here to download

Duplicate files fixer for Android Download:- Click Here to download

How to Install Duplicate files Finder and Fixer On your Device?

  • Firstly, download the installation file using above-provided links. Note that for windows, you have to download an installer which has an extension of .exe and for Android phones and devices, the installer has an extension of .apk.
  • Now, just tap/click on the installer and accept terms and conditions and follow the process by just clicking on next, and at last, click on “Install”.
  • Wait for some moment. After successful installation, you can see the shortcut on desktop/App drawer [for windows and android respectively].


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So friends above is the best way to delete duplicate files through Duplicate File fixer. As mentioned above, this app is available for both Windows and Android platforms. So, you can use this Software on a computer as well as on android mobile too. Well, which is your worst case regarding Multiple Copies? Please leave your opinion below in the comments box provided Below.

In case if you found any problem regarding this application, then you can take the help of their support section easily. If you liked it, then please hit the share button and share it with your friends and groups. Will meet in our next article, Till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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