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Are you searching for the best Fake email generator from which you will get a temporary Email Address and want to send and receive emails temporarily? If yes, then you are at right place. Here, I will provide you some of the best Temp E-mail address Providers which are trusted, widely spread and popular.


Why Do we use Fake Online Mail Generator and want Temp Email Address?

If you want to directly move on to the main content, then please friend scroll down till you saw the heading “Best Fake Email Generator for Temp Emails”. If you want to know some basic and needed info, then let’s move on together my friend.

Now, What exactly are these “Temporary Emails”?

Well, as the name suggests – It is kind of the service from which you will get a temporary E-mail for a particular period of time [yes, it has a tag of the expiry date and info]. In most of the cases, we need to take a help of Fake email generator for getting a temp email address which we want to use for promotional purposes.

Why Do we need a Fake email address?

If you re a content marketer, then I think you already knew this thing that when you send the same e-mail to thousands of people simultaneously and keep repeating this process many times, then, after a particular period of time, your electronic mails will be considered as spam. So, for better protection, Fake E-mail address had been used vastly for Promotional Purposes. Hope you liked my answer.

I hope you understood some of the basic things regarding Temporary Email providers and why they are being used. But what are those sited which are providing this kind of services? So, for answering the best possible answer to this question, let’s move on to our main content.

Best Fake Email Generator for Getting Temp Emails Online

So, friend, it’s time to get some f the best Fake Email Address Providers through which you can send electronic mails easily.


Fake Mail Generator

This temporary email provider is one of the oldest and most trusted fake email address generators. You can easily create a fake electronic mail address. For sending and receiving these temporary e-mails, you have to just visit, register and verify your temp Online Mail address. You will get a disposable email address for free with this service.

fake mail generator

Another good thing is that- it is supported by more than one country. You can generate, verify and use your disposable mail address over the world. For that, they have different domain names according to a country. When you receive any kind of electronic mail, the e-mail would pop up automatically on your dashboard or home page.


If you want the most trusted free fake email service, then outlook.com is the of the best choices available to you. It is bundled in Microsoft package too through which you can get the idea about their service quality. Through this, you can generate five disposable and different electronic mail IDs.


The main point here is – you can use all 5 email IDs simultaneously without any hassle and store all of them for a long period of time. For that, you only have to visit outlook.com, Register your account and after a successful sign-up, you just have to log in and create your IDs. It’s just easy and smooth according to our expectations.

Throw Away mail.com

Throwaway mail.com is a reliable and a nice random email generator service which is listing in the top 5 fake electronic mail address providers from a long period of time. The main thing from which they are targetting most of their customers is – when you visit this website, you will automatically get a new e-mail address which can be used from your IP address only for a particular amount of time.

This Electronic Mail address can immediately receive any kind of Online Mails. If an e-mail is received, it will show on the main Dashboard.



Mailinator is a free temp email provider from where you can easily receive e-mail temporarily. If you are not able to receive an e-mail due to login purposes, then just share the temporary email address generated by Mailinator and you will receive Online Mail easily from anywhere.


The e-mail which you receive along with your fake email address will be automatically deleted after a particular period of time [in most of the cases, you will get it for hours]. If you want to add any other feature, you can by upgrading your free account to premium one. You will get privacy, increased storage size and your own public domain in the premium version.


10 Minute Mail

Well, as the name suggests, through this service, you can generate disposable email address which you can use for receiving e-mails for 10 minutes. Every mail you will receive in your inbox will appear on the homepage of the 10-minute mail. You can open that mail, read them and reply to others in a very easy way. 10-minute mail also provides support to reduce chances of errors.

It means you have just to enter the required e-mail id, and you will get a workable fake email address to use for free internet services. This service does not charge any amount, and you can create much electronic mail according to your demands. It is an impressive choice to prevent an official e-mail address from spams.


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So friend, above are the best Fake email address generator services Which are best according to their service quality. I hope you liked this list and try any one of them according to your need. But in case if you used any other Disposable Email address service, then please let us know through the comments section.

In case if you used any other the above provided random email generator platform, then please share your experience with us through comments. Liked it? Then please hit that share button and share this with your friends and groups. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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