Fastest way to get first 10000 views on youtube

Fastest way to get first 10000 views on youtube

The fastest way to get first 10000 views on youtube – Youtube is a well established and well-managed platform on which every day thousands of new YouTubers start their career. Well, this makes youtube a much stronger platform, but, on another side, it is a challenge for new youtuber because the competition is also increasing day by day.

so, my friend, I know that if you are new to youtube and just started a youtube career recently, then the first thing you want to achieve is:- “10000 views on youtube” so that you can enable monetization and get paid for your hard work. Trust me, you are right here, always do the work for any other person for achieving something, because you are a man, not a slave. If you are expert in anything, don’t do it for free. Right?

But how you can get first 10000 views on youtube? Is there any fastest way existed which can help you to get first 10000 views on youtube in a week or even in a day? Yes, the best way exists. So friend, today I am providing you the fastest way to get first 10000 views on youtube.

Best proven fastest way to get first 10000 views on youtube

So friend, let’s get started and get the fastest way to get first 10k views on youtube. Our way is consisting of 3 points which helps in their own way to get first 10000 youtube views. So, let’s get deep into it. This will also help you to rank first on youtube and gain the full traffic juice for a specific period of time.

VidiQ Vision

Views are everything. If there are no views then there is no way to get a specific growth rate on youtube.  This think can e seriously taken by the vidiq and they will provide you the best way so that you can rank higher on youtube, get your video in suggestion and recommendation. You can download and Install this chrome extension for free from Chrome Web Store. I am Personally using this extension and It’s very useful. You must try it once. All is the game on youtube SEO.

vidiq vision- Fastest way to get first 10000 views on youtube
vidiq vision- Fastest way to get first 10000 views on youtube
  • the first thing which came under SEO is “tag”. The tag will help to get your video on the search results and the term which is searched is tag or keyword [in youtube SEO, both are same, one is for the viewer and one is for publisher]. So, vidiq will provide you some tags recommendations related to your video and category o that your video will also find by some viewers.
  • Then the thing on SEO is “meta description and title”. Trust me, use crisp title [little attractive, not clickbait]  and create a description in which the tags recommended by vidiq must be adjusted ina natural and normal way.

when you had done these 2 things, then let’s move on to our second point.

2. TubeBuddy

If you seriously want to grab views and gain more and more subscribers on youtube, then you know that youtube SEO is not everything, because it is only the backhand process which is playing a role of “views making machine”. Some more measures are also should be in focus like- competition, their performance, search on the specific keyword, thumbnail creation, keyword density, and much more which will help you to get first 10000 views on youtube in the fastest way.

So, for all these factors, a new beast named “tubebuddy” came in limelight. If you know, not every viewer will convert into a subscriber or an ad clicker. This chrome extension will help you to make your video more appealing so that the viewer is forced to click on it, and if your video has a kickass content, then trust me, he will be converted into a subscriber. tubebuddy is an all in one chrome extension which helps to boost your youtube video for free. Yes, tubebuddy also has some premium plans, but its free version is sufficient for new YouTubers to gain first 10000 views easily on youtube.

Just open chrome, search for “tubebuddy” on google search, you will get first results which are actually a chrome extension, just install that extension and login to youtube account, link with tubebuddy and you are good to go! Short and simple.  🙂

3. Keyword Tool (

If I  recall, I said previously “if you are expert in anything, don’t do it for free”. For this quote, here is my new way. Do you know that which keyword is on trend? How many searches are on that keyword on youtube? What is the average CPC for that keyword?  What about the competition for that keyword? Well, all these answers will be given by the - Fastest way to get first 10000 views on youtube – Fastest way to get first 10000 views on youtube

Suppose if you are working ion a keyword which no-one wants to search, or you are working on a keyword on which there are millions of search views but on another hand, competition is also on the peak. So will you get first 10000 views in any of the cases I said previously? No. Because in the first case, you will get no views because viewers are not interested, and in second, all the views will be grabbed by the top YouTubers which are old on youtube and have the very big channel.

So, you have to work on long tail keyword  [keyword which has more than 5 words] like:- “how to save battery on Oneplus 5″. Keyword Tool helps you get over 750+ long-tail keywords from YouTube Autocomplete by attaching the keyword that you type in the search bar with various combinations of words and numbers. So, just use those long tail keywords and skyrocket your youtube views. Hope you will get first 10000 youtube views as fast as possible.

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So friend, above is the Fastest way to get first 10000 views on youtube. Hope that you will get your first 10000 views in a week and enable monetization on your channel, let’s hope for the best. If you have archived your first 10000 youtube views in a week, then please share your experience and your way to get 10000 youtube views through a comment section provided below. If you have any query regarding anything described in this article, then please ask your query through leaving a comment and I will try to solve your query as fast as possible.

If you found this article helpful and content worthy, then please share it and help others also. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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