How to Find Direct Download Link of Movie Online – Amazing Trick

Want to direct download movies for free? If you are in the same boat, then I am here to help you out. Today I will provide you the best trick to find the direct download link to movies online in a very easy way. The same thing will be applied to you want to download movies online with any cloud storage space.

If you are going to download or stream any video, song or film online for free, then one thing which makes you confused is:- that download link. You find the website where you are going to download that particular movie, selected the version [HD, 480P, 360P, etc] and then, moving forward. It doesn’t matter that that will be a Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi, English or any regional movie. All those things remain the same.

how to find direct download link

But suddenly when you scrolled down and find the direct link so that you can save that desired file offline, you saw that there is a very fancy kind of button which has a “download” text written on it, on the second one, you find a normal text which has a text like “click here to download”. On third one, you will see an animated fancy kind of button whose color is changing [i will rather say blinking] and the 4th one has also contained a very normal button. In this case, it is a very difficult task for a normal user to find that actual direct movie download link.


How to find the Direct download link of movies Easily

So friend, below is the complete process to find direct movie download links in a very easy way. Note that I will provide you complete details, but practically, it differs from site to site. So, try to match everything to play smart.

Step 1 – Visit your favorite site from which you are going to direct download movies, song or any video. Be sure to check that that particular thing contains genuine content.

Step 2 – Scroll below on your desired site from where you will get some links which are related to cloud storage. When you clicked on it, you will be jumped to that link from where you are going to download movie online. Same will be the case when you want to stream anything online for free.

Step 3 – If I am right, you have to wait for 10-15 seconds, then you will be authenticated for moving further towards your right link. Just move on further till you not get an exact download link. But here is a twist. When you reach to that direct movie download page, you can see that there are above 2-4 buttons or I can say display links which have the same text written on it. Here, you have to play smart. How? Step 4 is the main juice of this article.

Step 4 – How to Judge that which is a right link or button for direct download movies? Here’s your best possible answer:-

When you hover over any download button, you can see that there is a URL shown on a bottom left side of the screen. If that URL’s domain name is matching with the site from which you are going to save a movie offline, then it’s perfect. But if you hovered on a button which is named download and it is showing URL which had a domain which redirects you to anywhere or any ad network, then it’s not the perfect button/link.”

These steps are basically available to find out the best way to recognize which image or link is the original download link for Movie and which one is an Advertisement.


But why they are trapping us in this while direct download movies?

Frankly speaking, those sites which are providing you these kinds of free stuff are doing an illegal activity by doing piracy online. They are providing you those materials which are really a paid stuff from original makers and developers.

Yes, they are kind of helping normal public from that, but originally it is a loss for original makers. In this case, most of the high-quality ad network will not approve them to use high-quality ads and monetize their websites.

In this case, they only have one option, choosing those best ad networks which will give themselves an approval to place ads. And most of that ads are kind of redirection strip for visitors.

So, if you click on an ad before clicking on that ad, then yes, they will get revenue, but on the other hand, you will be redirected to further 10-20 spammy links from where you can’t able to go back [especially if you are on a mobile or tablet]. Those spammy links are like:- “your phone is going slow, install ABC software for making your phone fast”. If you try to do so, it will automatically take you to that same place.


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Wrapping Things Up

So friend, above is the complete process to direct download movies. I hope now you will be able to easily download movies online. But in the case till now you had encountered any problem regarding direct movie download after following the above-described steps and your desired file will not be saved offline on your PC or mobile phone, then you can comment down in our comments section and I will try to solve your query as fast as possible.

Well, did you downloaded any free movie online? If yes, then which one? Please leave your answer below in comments section. Liked it? Then please hit that share button and hare it with your friends and groups. Will Meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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