How to get Amazon Treasure Hunt Answers – Solve Quiz Contest Fast

Are you searching for the Amazon treasure hunt answers or want to solve puzzles and Quiz as fast as possible? If yes, then you are at right place. Here, I will provide you some best ways to solve Amazon treasure hunt questions and get quiz answers fast and as quick as possible. So friend, let’s move on.


What are Amazon treasure Hunt, Quizzes, and Contests

Amazon is a best in online shopping platform. It is one of the best and widely trusted platform. So, for customers, they are continuously dropping out some offers, deals, and contests through which we can get our desired product at a very low price.

In the festive season, normally, we can see that more customers purchases their desired product online or offline as compared to normal days. So, at that time, for grabbing some eyeballs and especially for consumer benefit, they revamp their contests every year. Sometimes, they will provide a flash sale, sometimes, it’s Amazon treasure Hunt, in some cases, we can also see some quizzes.

Basically, in all type of contests, the complete criteria is – we will get some questions and we have to solve it, the answer will be in a form of a product name. Then you will search that answer [basically a name of product] on Amazon, and at last, grab them at the offer price.


But there’s a catch here. There are very limited stocks for each and every product defined in the contest. So, in most of the cases, the offer will be ended in some seconds too. In this case, you have to be fast, sharp-minded and quick to grab that deal at the offered price.

So, how to be fast in finding an exact answer of amazon treasure hunt and other contests? Is there any trick behind that? Let’s get the answers to these questions and move on to our main content.


Best Ways and tips to get Answers of Amazon Treasure Hunt and Quiz

Before moving on, here’s what I have to say:- Yes, you will get the trick, but at last, everything will be dependent on you. You have to type fast, grab that deal and use any high-end phone for no lagging.


Tip 1- Update the page 2 minutes before the actual time

Suppose that the text treasure hunt question will be declared at 1:00 PM. So, in this case, try to update the page at 12:58 PM. The real reason behind this is – sometimes, the question will be popped up before the actual timing. So, if you will get question first, you will get some extra space to find Amazon Treasure Hunt Answer and BOOM! YOU CAN CRACK THAT DEAL!


Tip 2 – Focus on first, third, seventh and last word of Question

You will get a treasure hunt question. Now, for solving the best possible answer, try to make your focus on the first work, third, seventh and the last word presented in that question. In most of the cases, the main product name will be hidden behind that words. So, play smart my friend.


Tip 3 – Search for the product along with color and exact model

Yes, you heard it right. The contest managers are very smart here. What they will do is – instead of offering the discounted price on a product, they will provide a discount on model numbers.

In my case, when I played and get Amazon treasure Hunt Answers, of one question, the answer is Boat bassheads 225 earphones. So, I simply go to the product page, but I didn’t found any offers running there. After some time, I found that the offer is in red color ones and I was in black color ones. A Sad moment for me, but gave me a lesson too.


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So friend, above are the best ways and tips to crack Amazon treasure hunt answers and solve quiz as fast as possible. I hope that after following these ways, you will surely get the exact answer and crack a deal along with that running offer. In case if you want to provide us any other tip or hack regarding this, you can simply leave a comment.

Well, did you play and won anything from Amazon treasure hunt? Please tell us which product did you won and share your experience too. Liked this article? then please share this with your friends and groups and help them too. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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