How to Fix Google Play Store Download Pending Error 100% Easily

Did you saw “pending” option with a continuous line loop behind it when trying to download any app from Google Playstore? If yes, and you are finding a solution to Google play store download pending Problem, then you are exactly at a right place. Here, I will provide you a download pending google play fix.


So friend, above are some of the most common reasons which result to download pending google play error. But how to fix it? Is there any kind of magic stick for that? Let’s get the answer to these 2 questions.


Fix Google Play Store Download Pending Error

Below are the best way to fix download pending android error. Be sure to follow all these steps thoroughly for best results:-

Step 1 – Crosscheck Basic Needs

First of all, check your internal storage free space and Internet connection. Yes, I said “Internal storage”, not any external storage [like memory card]. Try to free at least 3GB free space. Along with that, re-connect your WiFi network.

It may be possible that the problem occurs due to any one of these 3 basic things. So yes, please check these first before tweaking some settings.

Step 2 – Tweak Some Settings

Now, we have to tweak some settings to re-launch Playstore App. Here’s the process:-

Step I – Head on to System Settings and tap on the Apps option [option from where you will get all apps list].

Step II – Now, head on to running tab. In that, you are able to see all background processes which are running currently on your device. In that, you only have to search for playstore related Process and Stop them. This will lead to stopping all those processes which are creating a downloading clash.


Step 3 – Clear Cache and Reboot

Step I – Head on to system settings and under that, select Applications Option. In that, you will be able to see a list of all apps which are installed on your Android Cell Phone. You have to search for an app named “Google Play Store”.

Step II – Now, open that app and scroll below. In the manage space Tab, you will get a button named “clear Cache Data”. This will clear all saved data of Google playstore [like database files].

Step III – Now, reboot your device. I think Now your play store download pending issue is solved. When you open Playstore Now, it will lead to creating all database files and memory again which is fresh.



Why and When we will see Download pending on Google Play Store

Suppose if I am going to download any App from playstore, opened it, search for the app and tap on install button. Now, that particular app is installing. Now, at the same time, if you try to install any other app from Google play, then you can see that either you will see “pending” text with a bar loop scrolling under that, or you can normally see a bar loop [without seeing Pending Text]. Both cases define the same thing that it will install than the first installation is completed.

But the point is – I think,  In your case, you didn’t leave any app for installation recently and downloading it on a fresh Basis. Now? What exactly are restricting downloads from Playstore?

Well, below I provided you some of the very common reasons which you will be able to see play store download pending error:-

1.) Updation Issue – Yes, it might be possible that you set your app updates to “automatic”. In this case, sometimes, when apps are updating to a background, some processes restrict it to being updated. But as playstore is continuously sending update data, it leads to an indefinite process which is running in the background, further leading to give download pending google play error.

2.) Internet Connectivity issue – If you are on a 4G, 3G or WiFi network whose connection is very unstable [means in 1 second, the speed is 2Mbps and in the second, speed drops to 64Kbps], the downloading continuously fluctuates, else gives you a Download pending Android Error. In this case, not only playstore but other apps too get some internet connection problems while syncing.

3.) Storage Issue – Be sure to free at least 10% of a storage space if you want to download an app from playstore [either 10% or 3GB, which one is near]. If you are suffering from an Inappropriate Downloading issue, then there is maybe a storage issue with your device. Try to free some space before downloading any app.


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So friend, above is the Complete process regarding fixing the download pending google play store issue. In case if you weren’t able to fix it till now, then you can directly ask this query with Google official Customer Support [Google Product Forums]. Just create a new topic there, insert all those data and activities you had done till now [describe in your own way] and post it. According to my experience, they will take it seriously and provide you a better way to fix download pending android issue in 12 hours.

If you are able to fix that, then please share your experience with it in the comments section provided below. Liked it? Then please hit that share button and share it with your friends and groups. Will Meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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