How to Create Your Own Tweaked Apps – Let’s Mod Android Application

Do you want to create your own Tweaked Apps which will be modded by yourself according to your desire? If yes, then you are exactly at a right place. Here, I am going to provide you a way through which you can easily mod and tweak any Android Application without any problem.

Tweaked apps or we can say Modded Applications are one of the hottest and popular topics amongst Android Device users. Why? Because through modding, we can Unlock those exclusive features for free which we can only get by paying some premium. That’s why mods of any Application will become more popular than the official App.

So, can you create your own Modded Application for android? Yes. But How? Below I am providing you 2 best and easiest ways through which you can create your own Tweaked App for free. Let’s move on together 🙂



Let’s create Your Own Tweaked Apps and create a Mod to It

So friend, below is the complete process of creating any Modded Application for Android. So, here we go:-


Requirements for Tweaking Android Apps

1.) You must have a good performing Android Device [with at least 2GB RAM and a nice performing Processor].

2.) A rooted android device will be recommended. [in a case in your device is not rooted, you can give second way a try, but overall success rate will be very low].

3.) Your device must have enough space to handle modded Apk and Installation data.

So, let’s start modding.


The process to Tweak Android Apps Easily

Friend, there are 2 ways to mod App without any hassle. First one is a very easy process and you don’t need any kind of further practices. The second one is for professionals and If you know some codings and can easily change some values, then the second way is the best way for you.


First way – Using Lucky Patcher Apk for Modding [for Rooted Android Users Only]

If your Android Device is rooted and you didn’t try 2 Apps – Lucky patcher and Xposed Module Installer yer, then you are in a wrong way, my friend. Most of the Android users root their devices for 3 purposes only – or removing un-necessary Bloatware, add or remove any feature [by trying any custom ROM or using Xposed Modules], and Mod android Applications easily by getting root files access.

So, here we are focusing on the third purpose only. For that. lucky patcher is the best companion. What his app will do is – it can remove all limitations, advertisements, some settings, in-app purchases and much more in just one tap. here are some more profiles available too regarding your desired app whose data you are going to edit.

So, how can you do this? Let’s understand:- 
  • Firstly, you have to download and install lucky Patcher App. [you can download it from here].
  • Then, simply open it and you can see all your applications which are installed on your Device. Among all of them, select your desired application.
  • Now, just single tap on it and you will get a menu. Just select your desired Tweak One and it will be done in a moment. I hope you can do it easily.



It’s a very easy process. If your device is rooted then you are very lucky here to try lucky patcher for Tweak Android Apps. Now, in case if your device is not rooted and still you want to Mod App, then you have to play little professionally. How to do that? Let’s check out our second way:-


Second Way – Using Apk Editor [for rooted and No root Android Users]

Apk editor lets you change any particular value or data available in any required file which you have to find and change. That’s why I said that you should have some basic knowledge regarding files so that there you can understand that which file is needed to be edited properly.

Here is the complete process – 

1.) Simply go to playstore, search for Apk editor and Install it [here I am giving you a direct link regarding that].

2.) Simply open it and tap on “select an Apk file” if you simply downloaded an app but didn’t installed it yet or “Select Apk from App” if your desired app was already Installed on your device.

3.) After that, select your Application whose data is needed to be changed.

4.) Tap on “full edit” and then tap on “files” option which will be available in the bottom center on mobile’s screen.

5.) Now you have to manually browse your desired file and easily change and save the data. Everything will be all set!

Well, this is a little-advanced method, so, in case if you don’t want to get into a mess, then I will recommend you should check out your desired Mod on Internet first [you can try Tweak Box Here].


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What are Modded / Tweaked Apps for Android?

In case you directly want the Tweak Applications process on Android, then friend, please skip to our next heading and if you want to know some of the basic yet important content, then let’s move on together 🙂

Android is an Open source Operating system platform which leads to giving a freedom for everyone to add or remove features according to their need. Now, same is the case with developers too. Developers are creating Applications for us, but as we want more and more perfection, there are some of our exclusive App developers available too which will not create any kind of application. Instead, they will mod any app for Android through which they can remove any limitations, advertisements, add or remove any feature which is not available on an Original one, and much more.

Suppose if you are laying any game [let’s take an example of Candy Crush Here], and as you know there will be limited lives available at a time [max. 5 lives and each life will be recharged in half-an-hour]. But there are many mods or tweaked Apps available on Internet through which you will get Unlimited Lives easily.

Tweaking official application is one of the most tricky and difficult processes if you go deep into its coding part. If you are an app developer, then you can do it easily, but for a normal Android phone user tweak Apps can be easily done through the above-provided ways which are easy, risk-proof and 100% working.

If you are a very basic Android user with basic Android info, then the lucky patcher will be proved to be the best suit for you. For kinda advanced users, App editor is especially referred to you because you can dig into it deeply and get more out of it.

So, Why not should you mod App on your own? Just try any of the above-provided ways and you are good to go without any hassle 🙂


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So friend, above are 2 best ways to create tweaked Apps on your own. You can use the second method on both rooted and Non-rooted phones, but the first one is only limited to Android Phones which have a root access. I hope you will be able to edit data easily according to your need and requirements and have a successful journey.

In case if you had encountered an error while performing an action, then you can comment on your query through the comments section provided below and I will try to solve it as fast as possible.

Well, wich Application are you going to Mod? Please let me know through the comments section provided below and have a discussion. Liked it? Then please share this article with your friends and groups too. Will meet in our next article, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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