Want to boost Android equalizer through Viper for Android but don’t know how to flash Viper4Android on Android Phone? If yes, then friend this is a right place for you. Here, I am providing you a full tutorial regarding flashing Viper4Android on Android mobile in a very easy way. Let’s move on.

V4A is considered as one of the best equalizers for Android devices which helps to boost the overall performance of your Phone’s audio quality. But the fact is – we have to manually flash it for using this application optimally. Then, what’s the process of Installing Viper4Android on Android phone? Let’s check it out.


How to Install Viper4android on Android Phone – Android Equalizer

So friend, let’s get started with the complete and easy way to flash Viper4android on your device:-


Things to do before flashing V4A:-

  • Take a complete backup of your android device, but exclude “files”. Just take a backup of apps, cache, scripts and application data through TWRP. The reason behind this is:- in case if you want to roll back the complete process and want old equalizer back, then this backup might help you a lot.
  • Keep the complete ROM zip file with yourself. If anything goes wrong and your smartphone will be stuck in boot loop, then re-flashing that ROM will repair your device. If you are not using any custom ROM, then simply search on google ” Your device model – stock ROM” and you will get your R. Just save it for future.
  • TWRP should be installed on your device so that you can flash Viper audio android in a best and easy way.

Precautions completed 🙂 Now, let’s move on to our main content. Be sure that these things should be done only for the purpose of rollback. If you successfully flash Viper for Android on your device, then I will not recommend you to rollback. Instead of performing a rollback, try to tweak some best settings on this android equalizer.


Best way to flash Viper for Android on Android phone – Best Android Equalizer


First, Open a browser and download Viper4Android flashable Zip file by clicking on the link here- Viper Zip file and transfer to your root/ main storage folder. This helps you to find downloaded file easily.So friend, let’s start our Viper Audio flashing process:-

  • I hope you took a complete backup. Now, reboot your device in “recovery mode”. Your device should have TWRP installed. If not, then you may try with default recovery software available on your device, the result may not be positive but I recommend you to do this.
  • Done? OK. now tap on “install” and select that zip file which you downloaded and transferred to root/main folder.
  • After selecting that file, just move on and swipe left to right. It takes some seconds to flash Viper4Android FX on your android device.
  • After flashing process is completed, just move on and Reboot your mobile.
  • Did mobile boot up? Ok. Now just go to settings, apps an find your default music equalizer app and tap on that. After tapping, disable it so that there will be no clash between two apps for a single driver. Otherwise, audio quality may be disturbed completely.
  • Done 🙂 just find the V4A / Viper Audio app give it a root access and use it efficiently.


Want to revert Back to previous Audio FX?- Here’s how to uninstall Viper4Android


If you want to get your old Audio equalizer back and get all the best settings available previously on your device, then you can follow these steps to uninstall Viper4Audio easily:-

  • I hope you took a complete backup of apps, cache and app data as I provided above throughTWRP.
  • Now, Just reboot your android device in “recovery mode”.
  • Go to Restore>> select that data which you are backed up [in most cases, TWRP automatically caches the latest backup available].
  • And then swipe from left to right. Then wait for sometime and you will get your perfect solution.
  • Backup restore completed? Then simply reboot your device and Done 🙂


Some Basics – What is Viper4Android for an Android phone?

In case you don’t know and what’s the purpose of Viper4Android, Then here is some info for you. Every smartphone is coming with their own set of Audio driver and music equalizer through which you can set Audio quality according to your need. But if you want to improve android device audio quality, then you need “Viper4Android”. V4A is Coming with a driver+software through which you will get the fully customized driver as well as an app to tune audio quality according to your need and environment.

How to Install Viper4Android on android

I hope you will get to know that what is Viper4Android. Now, after getting complete basic info, let’s move on to our main process to Install Viper for Android on Android Phone through which you will improve the audio quality of your device. A best possible answer to this question has been provided above. 🙂

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I hope you will get the perfect answer to “How to Install Viper for Android on Android Phone” and install Viper 4 audio on android mobile completely. If you flash viper Android FX through this way, you don’t need any external Viper4Android APK to control it as we used complete Viper4Android flashable Zip here. If you had encountered any problem while installing viper4android fx on an android device, then please leave your query down below and I will try to solve it as fast as possible.

Well, which one is your favorite music equalizer? Please leave your opinion in the comment section provided below. Liked it? Then please share it with others and help them. Will meet in our next article, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.


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