How to Recover deleted whatsapp messages and whatsapp video easily

Did you accidentally deleted some of the most important conversations and now want to know how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages and video? If yes, then you are at a right place. Today I will provide you a complete easiest technique to retrieve and restore deleted WhatsApp messages and videos which is 100% working.


Some Basics before restore deleted WhatsApp Messages

Whatsapp is one of the most popular social networking application through which you can easily get in connect with this whole world. For connection, you need a mobile number and easily connect mobile number with WhatsApp. It is a great platform for chatting as you can not only create a conversation, but you can also share images, gif animated images, videos, audio, documents and setup files too which have a size limit in different cases.

But sometimes, when you think that “let’s clean our WhatsApp and remove all junk from it”, you decided to delete some of the waste kind of conversations and files, but at that time, you will accidentally delete some most important conversations too which is needed at your toughest time.

In that case, you try to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages, files and Video, but every time, you failed to do so. Right? But don’t worry my friend. Today I will provide you how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages in a very easy way and its success ratio is 100% as of now [at least in my case].


How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages Easily

So, friend, it’s time to properly restore deleted WhatsApp messages and chats. Let’s move on to our main content:-

Step 1 – Analyze your Device before Chats Recovery

So friend, our first and basic step is to analyze your device. How can you do this thing? Here’s your answer:-

1.) Unlock your device and go to file manager.

2.) In the file manager, search for a folder which is named as “WhatsApp”. I hope you can easily find this folder.

3.) Just open that folder. In that, you will get a new folder which is named as “databases”. Found it? Ok.

4.) Open that folder. You will b able to see some files which have an extension of “.db.crypt12”. I hope you will be able to find those files. In case if you are not able to find them, then sorry my friend, it just ends for you.

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5.) Every file has a date written on it in a form of “Year-month-date”. Yes, these dates determine when the database of your conversations and WhatsApp chat backup had been created.


Step 2 – Choosing the right database

So friend did you followed all steps provided above and able to locate all database files. Right? Now, how can you determine which database file should you choose for a right chat backup? Let’s understand this thing:-

Ok, let’s assume you deleted your conversations on 24 January 2018, and today it’s 26 January 2018. So, here I want to provide you some info that “all files will be created on 4 AM on a written date”. 

whatsapp database file and chat backup

In this case, you have to choose a database file which is created on 23 January at 4 AM so that all chats and messages along with video, audio, etc. will be perfectly retrieved and restore. How can you do that? Simply delete all database files which had been created after 23 January 2018 and your right backup file had been chosen.

If in your case you deleted chats and conversations recently, just now, so, in your case, you don’t have to choose any database file as all your backup had been created for the latest.


Step 3 – Start our recover WhatsApp deleted messages and chats Process

We located all database and backup files, chose the right file, but what to do now? Let’s start our WhatsApp chat backup and recovery process:-

1.) Are you all set? Ok. Then, uninstall Whats App. Don’t worry my friend, you will not lose any data for that.

2.) Now, open playstore and install a fresh version of whats App. After proper installation, just open it.

3.) After that, you have to log in to WhatsApp using your mobile number. After entering mobile no., a message will be sent to you which contains an OTP [6 digit number]. Just enter that OTP now.

4.) After that, a window had been flashed up to your screen which has a button named “restore” is available on the bottom side of the screen. Just tap on that button. [here, be sure that you perfectly followed our step 2 and selected a right WhatsApp chat backup file].

5.) Congrats, your all deleted chats, and messages will be restored shortly along with all WhatsApp Video.


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So friend above is the complete process of “how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages and Video”. I hope you will be able to understand this full process and able to restore deleted WhatsApp messages and retrieve all removed data completely. But in case, if you had encountered any kind of problem at the time of restoration process, you can freely ask your query in our comments section and I will try to solve your query as fast as possible.

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