How to transfer Whatsapp to new Phone with Chats Data – 2018 Guide

Did you change your primary device and now want to know how to transfer WhatsApp to the new phone along with all the data, conversations and media files? If you want to know a best possible answer and do a successful WhatsApp data transfer, then this article is especially for you. Let’s move on to complete the process.


Today, WhatsApp is one of the basic motives of our Android and iOS smartphones. Mostly all high-end phone users are using Whats App on a daily basis. Well, it deserves to be on the highest priority because they are providing us a facility so that we can directly do one-to-one conversation in a secured way and share media files, software, and many more things which will help others and ourselves too.We can also create groups there and chat with more than 2 friends and relatives at a time.


Why a successful WhatsApp data transfer is needed from old to a new phone

That makes it something special. As the user database is very big for WhatsApp developers [well, now it’s facebook as Facebook acquired whats app], they will not able to store all your chats, media files, and everything completely from the scratch. Yes, your old data is secured and protected on their servers, but for a very limited period of time. As it is a temporary case, they will delete your very old data and replace that blank slot with a new one for your convenience.

This means that we should also take our responsibility to secure our old data and prevent it on our storage space. But suppose you are going to change your primary phone, and now, you are planning to sell your old android phone. Now, the main question which scratches in your mind is – ” how to transfer WhatsApp data to a new phone?” What is the exact procedure behind this? Any clue? No? don’t worry friend, now it’s time to find an exact possible answer for this. Be sure that you must have to make a successful WhatsApp data transfer which includes all your messages, contacts, group details, and media files as well. If in case it will not be accomplished properly, then sadly, you will lose all your current data. So, please follow all the steps carefully 🙂


How to transfer WhatsApp to new Phone

Now, it’s time to follow all these steps which I provided in detail below to transfer WhatsApp messages to the new phone along with other data.


Step 1 – The basic thing, BACKUP!

Well, backup is one of the most important things for conversations and dates prevention. When you take a backup of your complete Whats App accounts which contains all your chats and messages, then it will be saved in a database form which has all those old records and logs for better compatibility with newer versions and upgrades.

Whatsapp backup will only save your conversations and messages along with their dates of receiving, sending and other details. This will not ensure any media files prevention. For saving all other files such as videos, images, audio, apps, documents, etc. we have to move on to our next step. If you took a Whats App backup, then it’s fine. But in case if you don’t know to take a complete WhatsApp backup, you can take a help of this article:- Whatsapp Backup Android – take backup of complete chats.


Step 2 – Locating original Whatsapp Folder and going inside

1.) Now, we have to find that folder in which all our Whats App data will be saved offline. For that, just open file manager or explorer.

2.) Now, you have to search for a folder which is named as WhatsApp. This is a folder which includes all your files and videos. Find it? Nice! let’s move on to the third part of this step.

3.) After getting that main folder, open it. You will see that there are 4 folders, but we only have to focus on only 2 folders which are named as media and databases. In databases, all your backup files which you created recently had been saved. Now, focus on media folder. Just open it, you will find many folders which have names like Audio, voice notes, animated gifs, documents, images, video, etc. and a word “WhatsApp” written behind all of them. I think the folder names already describes what find of files contained in them. That’s why it is also an important thing.

Let’s move ahead towards our main step, step 3.


Step 3 – The Whatsapp Transfer Process

1.) Well, previously you already knew that which files and folder which are needed as of now. Now, it’s time for a complete WhatsApp transfer without losing any single file and chats records. Now, first, install official application of whats app from playstore on your new phone. Just install it, don’t open it as of now.

2.) Now, just copy these 2 folders:- databases and media and send it to your new android phone. After that, copy and paste these two folders into the folder which is created after installing Whats App to new mobile phone. That folder also has the same name as on your old mobile one. It is a very important step as everything is dependent on this step only.

3.) Now, open Whats App and log into it using your mobile number. An OTP will be sent to your registered phone number, you have to enter that OTP for successful authentication. After that, a new window will be opened which says to restore your backup. Just tap on restore and your backup will be restored successfully.


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Wrapping Things Up

After following all these steps, you will see that you properly transfer WhatsApp messages to the new phone. If there is any problem occurred and that “restore” button is not flashed up on your phone, then maybe you skipped any step. In this case, you can re-install application and try one more time with thoroughly following these steps. Hope everything will be fine now.

So friend, above is the complete process to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone. I hope you will be successful in moving all whats app data yo your new mobile phone. But in case if there any kind of problem occurred while WhatsApp transfer, then you can ask your query below in comments section and I will try to solve it as fast as possible.

Liked it? Then please share this with your friends and groups and help them also. Will meet in our next article, till then, build Best, Stay Cool.

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