How to Unroot Android without PC – Easily Remove root from Android

Did you root your android phone and wants to unroot it? If yes, then I am here to help you. I will provide you the best way to unroot android without PC. Yes, you can remove root from an android phone without using a computer in a very easy way. Curious to know about it? Here the full process of an unrooting android phone.


Why is Rooting Needed For an Android Phone?

“Root” is one of the most popular terms ever used for an Android device. Today, more than one-third of total Android phones are rooted. The main reason behind rooting is:- New features and privileges, especially for the Android phone user. We can change, edit, delete and customize almost everything if our android device is rooted.

But at one point, a rooted smartphone also behave like an “EVIL”. There are some applications which are not running on rooted devices or we have not any privileges to install some apps from playstore. Didn’t get it? Let me give you an example:-

Suppose you have a rooted device and you install Google Tez or axis bank app. When you Install it and open any one of them, on devices, you can’t confirm your details or login yourself. At that time, on an app, there will be a popup quoting “This app will not run on rooted device”. If we analyze the fact, then app developers are also right according to their point of view because on rooted smartphones, there are very high chances of data theft which will be very dangerous for you as well as app developers.

Unroot Android without PC
Unroot Android without PC

If you want to use any “payment” or “transaction” app, then it is highly recommended to unroot the android device. But how to unroot android phone? and if you don’t want to use PC, then, you will ask “How to unroot android without PC or computer?” Let me give you detailed answers to this question and provide you easiest way to remove root from android device.


How to Unroot Android without PC

So, here is the complete tutorial to remove root from android without using computer:-

Step 1- Download complete ROM

I think you have TWRP flashed on your android device. If yes, then let’s move on. If no, then please leave a comment quoting your smartphone model number. Now, let’s move to step 1.

  • If you are using a stock android, then you can easily get the stock ROM for your Android device. Just go to google and search for “your mobile model – stock ROM”. Like- Oneplus One – stock ROM. You can easily download stock ROM then.
  • If you are using any custom ROM, then I think you already have Custom ROM zip file. If no, then please download that custom ROM zip file which you are currently using.

[It is recommended to download the ROM which you are currently using along with same android version. If you download any different ROM, then you can’t unroot android phone without losing data, and all your data will be wiped out.]


Step 2- Uninstall SuperSU or Magisk Tool [whichever is presented on your device]

After downloading ROM, it’s time for an action. Now, you have to uninstall SuperSU or Magisk app whichever is flashed on your device. In case if you can’t remove these apps, then simply move on to settings and disable them. These tools give root authority to all apps which are available on your device.


Step 3- Flash ROM and clear cache Data

When you uninstall or disable rooting tools for Android, then:-

  • Reboot your android device in Recovery Mode.
  • I hope TWRP is opened on your device. Now, head on to “install”.
  • Select the ROM file which you downloaded. It should be in .zip extension, available in the downloads folder. If not, then search for our downloaded ROM file.
  • Then, simply flash this ROM by swiping from left to right and take a deep breath. Done? ok, let’s move on to next step.
  • Tap on “back button” and hit wipe. Now, you have to leave everything blank and tick mark on “Dalvik cache”. After selecting it, just wipe it.

Now, reboot your device. You removed root access and make your android phone unrooted. Feeling easy? Yes, it is! only 3 steps for remove root from android without using a computer.


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So friend, above is the complete process of How to Unroot Android without PC. I hope you successfully remove root from an android device without computer easily. If yes, then congo! If no, then please leave a comment quoting your query and I will help you out. Just feel free to ask. 🙂

Well, in my case, I applied this easy trick to unroot android on my Oneplus one, and it worked in one shot perfectly! If you find this article helpful, then please hit the share button and share it with your friends and groups. Will meet in your next article. Till Then, Bye friend.

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