Can you use Paypal On Amazon? Yes. Here’s a Latest Complete Process

Most of us are really confused that Can we use Paypal on Amazon or not? The answer is – Yes. But how to use PayPal with Amazon? So, for answering this question, here I am providing you a detailed tutorial regarding using PayPal as payment while shopping on Amazon.

Paypal and Amazon, both are one of the oldest beasts in their respective Categories which are topping from years in their particular segment. Reasons behind their success are – continuous updating of services, making their ranges and availability broader and improve customer services time-to-time.

But when we want to use both services to buy our desired product, previously, we can’t able to do payment through Paypal while Shopping and completing the payment on Amazon. It was a great loss for those who want to buy any product internationally.

But Now, things had been changed completely. It is very easy to use both at the same time for ordering our desired product online. Below I am providing you some best ways to do so.


How to use Paypal On Amazon for Completing Payment?


Thre are 2 working methods through which you can able to successfully complete the payment through PayPal while ordering anything on Amazon. Both methods are super easy and you can pick any one of them to complete your order. So, let’s move on:-

1.) Complete Payment Using Paypal Debit Card


Paypal Debit card is a great option to make purchases on Amazon. Basically, PayPal Debit Cards are powered by Mastercard which means that you can use this card on each and every platform which are accepting Mastercard.

But before moving on, it is must have you have a debit card. If not, you can easily order the card through Paypal Official website. The card will reach to your address which you had entered while opening and verifying your account as fast as possible. Note the fact that there is some kind of Charges implied while ordering/issuing that Paypal Debit Card.

Once you receive your card successfully, it’s time to make payment through it and take some benefits from it. Just:-

  • Open Amazon official website.
  • Add your desired product to the Cart
  • Go to cart and move on by simply checking your order details, address and contact info, etc.
  • Now,  the payment page, simply use those 16 Digit no., CVV and expiry date [choose MasterCard if needed, else it will be synchronized automatically].
  • And done 🙂 Your order has been successfully placed.

Not only on Amazon, but you can use this debit card in your day-to-day need.

2.) Use Amazon Gift Card purchased from Paypal


Amazon gift card is one of the easiest yet secured way to complete payment while ordering anything from them. A lot of websites are providing these services to buy Amazon gift card [and at some places, you will get it as a reward too]. Same services are also provided by Paypal Too. They also sell lots of gift cards online officially.

You just have to visit PayPal site and purchase an Amazon gift card. You will get a code either directly or through a mail. Not that you have to be little wise here. Suppose If your order totals 98$, then try to order a gift card totaling 100$ only. The reason is – Gift card amount can only be used while ordering anything from Amazon only. You can’t use the remaining amount to complete payment on any other online shopping site.

Once your order has been placed and you’ll get Amazon gift card, now, you have full control over it. Just:-

  • Visit the official site of Amazon.
  • Open Amazon Pay Section
  • Click on “add balance”
  • Add your gift card to it using the code which is provided on Gift Card.
  • Just order any product and complete the payment using Pay Balance and done.

It is really an easy way to use PayPal on Amazon for Payment. So, just move ahead and try this way, my friend 🙂



Why does Amazon doesn’t accept Paypal Directly?


Did you ever think that despite the fact that Amazon and Paypal are one of the biggest Names in their respective field, why didn’t they shake hands to work together yet?

For providing the answer to this question, here I am going to provide you Paypal Flashback when this venture started.

When Paypal Started, it was directly tucked up with E-Bay, a popular site which is offering these same services like Amazon. Paypal Became the part of eBay which was a one and only a direct competitor to Amazon at that time. But as the time goes, Amazon take off their flight to another level, leaving eBay behind, resulting – “PayPal left eBay in 2014”.

But until today, this war continues and They are still not accepting direct payment from Paypal [considering the fact that it is an E-wallet]. Why? Here’re some reasons:-

  • Remembering the history, it’s kind of “hard to digest” that this service was in agreement with amazon’s direct competitor. So, this can take a time to be summed up completely.
  • Amazon is also running their own E-wallet named “Amazon Pay” which is solely developed to complete purchases from Amazon in an easiest and fastest way. This can also be a reason, but not completely, I think So!

That’s why we have to twist this and try to use PayPal funds indirectly using a debit card and Gift card to make purchases from Amazon. Well, I wish that everything will be solved very soon and we can pay from Paypal directly to order anything.


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So friend, above are some of the Best ways to use PayPal On Amazon. I think you will get a perfect and detailed answer to your question “Can I use Paypal On Amazon?”. Just try any of the above provide ways and share your experience with us through comments so that it can be beneficial for others too.

Well, which one payment do you think is easiest and most secured while ordering anything from Amazon? Please leave your answers in the comments section provided below. If you find this article little helpful, then please share it with others too. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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