Are you searching for a way through which you can visit Facebook Full Site for Desktop on Android or iOS platform? If yes, then you are exactly at a right place. Here. I am going to provide you the best way to open a complete facebook desktop version Site if you are on a Facebook Mobile version permanently.


If you are using an Android or Apple device to operate Facebook, you normally open Mobile version of a page. But there are some more available on a desktop version of Facebook. So, How to visit a Facebook full site on Mobile devices? Is there any perfect way to fix that? Let’s get the perfect answers to these 2 questions.


How to visit Facebook full site on Mobile Devices [Android and iOS]

Below are some of the best possible ways which will guide you inch-by-inch regarding opening FB desktop Site. Note that all ways are different. You only have to pick any one way from all of them.


Way 1 – Visit Facebook Desktop Version Website from any device:-

Through this way, you can visit FB full website. It doesn’t matter which device are you using. To access the full FB site:

Step 1 – Open any browser through which you want to surf.

Step 2 – Now, in the URL bar, simply type and hit enter.

Step 3 – your desktop version of FB will be opened. Note that every time you have to follow these steps. So, the better way is to bookmark this URL for future purposes. 🙂

I hope this worked well for you. But in case if this method was not worked on your device, then don’t worry. Simply follow the second method which I provided Below.


Way 2 – Visit facebook full site for Android and iOS Devices

Well, If I am not wrong here, nowadays, every single Android phone has a browser named “Chrome”. I am expecting this as Google Chrome is a product of Google whose members are the developers of Android Platform. I will recommend you to use chrome browser instead of any other one. So, let’s find out the way through which you can Open FB desktop site on Google Chrome Android:-

Step 1 – Firstly, open I hope after hitting enter, the site will be redirected to “” if I am not wrong.

Step 2 – Now, Tap on the menu button [those 3 horizontal dots available on the top right corner on your screen] and then tap on “request desktop site”.

Step 3 – Now, your site will be reloaded again, but it will be completely changed. Why? Because in the min URL, the “m.” is available still there. It means that it opens mobile version but at the Desktop’s resolution. For resolving this – Simply tap on URL bar and remove “m.” from the main URL or delete complete URL and type once again.

Above is the process to open FB desktop version of Google Chrome. If you are using UC browser or its Mini version, then the process is very easy for you too. Just go to settings and disable the ‘Speed mode’ and then visit official facebook site. It will be opened properly without any hassle.


The same exact process if for iOS users too. Just follow above provided same steps and you will get the same result on an iPhone or iPad.


What is “Facebook full Desktop Site”?

If you noticed, when you open any browser on your Android or iOS device and try to open, then automatically, the main URL will e redirected to a mobile version of Facebook. Well, the main reason behind this is – comfortability and compatibility.

But as you know, in Mobile version, all options and tabs which are available in Full version are kinds of “hidden” behind some main tabs. We have to dig into it for finding any particular feature which is available in full site directly on the Main dashboard after doing a successful FB login. Many users find this “Annoying” that’s why they want to directly open the desktop version of Facebook instead of the redirected mobile version.



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So friend, above is the complete process to visit facebook full site on Android and iOS Phones and Tablets. I Hope now you will be able to visit Facebook desktop version on your Mobile. Yes, one more point, please try to keep FB login Facebook on the device. As you log in to Facebook, it will redirect you from some other URLs too [for security purposes]. So, a better way to stay away from this kind of problem is “try not to log out facebook from Mobile. If you had encountered any error while visiting FB complete version website, then you can comment on your query and I will try to resolve it as fast as possible.

Well, which version of FB are you more familiar with- desktop or Mobile Version? Please comment on your opinion and share your experience too. Liked it? Then please hit that share button and share it with your friends and groups. Will meet in our Next article, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.


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