20 Latest Must-Visit Free Sports Streaming Sites of 2018

We all love to stream sport Online. It’s kinda interesting to watch our favorite players playing sports live on our Laptop. So, are you one of them who want some free sports streaming sites? If yes, then this is a right place for you. Here, I am going to provide you best sites to stream Sports online free.


Watch our desired game online is a tough task to consider as there are many services which are providing the same thing but in a different way. Some of them are best in their segment, but on the other hand, there are some websites too which are providing better services as compared to them but are properly Under-rated.

So, as you are a wise internet user, you always have o find out best service provider instead of top performing service provider. We analyzed many web sites which stream sport and chopped some of the best sites which are analyzed on a User experience, Loading speed, live streaming interval, sports and channels they are providing on their portal.

So, what are the best results we shortlisted amongst thousands of free live sports streaming sites? Which one should we recommend you to go to? Covering the best possible answers to these 2 questions, here, I am providing you with everything related to top sites in this niche to consider in 2018. So, let’s move on ūüôā


Top 20 Amazing Free Sports Streaming Sites to Stream Sport Live

So my friend, without wasting any further time, let’s move on to our first recommendation:-



BOSSCAST.net is a site which is fully packed and loaded with mostly each and every popular sport, along with TV channels which are offering live games.

Bosscast is offering more than 100 channels through which you can watch UFC, soccer, baseball, cricket or any other popular sport including racing. You just have to select the channel on which any of your desired Sports streams Live on Television, choose a time slot and you are good to go.

BOSSCAST.net - Free Sports Streaming Sites

Along with it, bosscast.net will automatically detect the time of your location and show all matches list accordingly for your ease. User experience and loading time are also nice, making it a worth to consider.


Tensports Live

Are you a fan of Football and Cricket? I hope so. As these 2 are very popular games, Tensports live covers the live session of mostly every single Football and cricket matches on television, which you can also watch Online through your browser.

Free Sports Streaming Sites

Basically, on this site, you can watch all sports and matches online which were telecasted on Television channel Ten Sports. Not only old matches, but you can stream live sports too, just visit tensports.com and click on “watch live” option. If you are in a hurry, then don’t worry, you can watch them later as a recording. Just schedule the match and you are good to go.

Overall User experience is really great [and it’s obvious as tensports is already backed by a big brand, Sony]. Loading time is really super fast and you will get a nice output. Just go for it, my friend.



WatchESPN is a great site if you are a lover of NFL, Soccer, NBA etc. This is one of the best free sports streaming sites which is offering a nice looking and flashy portal to watch your favorite matches on the go. You will get an access to watch every single match which was released on official ESPN channel on Television.

Free Sports Streaming Sites

The User interface is designed in a way that you can get access to the latest match directly from a homepage. You will get addicted to it and love it as their loading speed is really fast, UI is completely Ad free, and delivers a smooth playback.

The only drawback is that – as it is powered by ESPN, it can only stream those sports which are telecasted on their channel. If you love any other sport which was not streamed yet on it, you can’t able to watch it on this platform. Well, if you desired game telecasts on ESPN TV Channel, you should give this one a try.


Fox Sports

If you are in a hurry and want a quick update regarding any of your desired matches, then¬†Fox Sports¬†helps you a lot. Not only providing you a platform to watch matches online, but this site also gives you a quick live updates which are frequently updating time to time, to give you an accurate yet latest info regarding “what’s going on live in a world of _________ sports”.

Fox Sports Best free sports streaming sites

Currently, this site has a massive userbase of 20 million per month which are completely unique, thanks to its high-quality services and a great User experience. A must-watch website for you, Thumbs Up!


Yahoo Sports

Well, I think I don’t need to explain it in detail, as everything has been already explained by their name itself. Yahoo is already a big brand which is already very popular in search engines category [obviously, behind Google!].

Along with that, they are also offering a great portal where you can get all latest updates regarding your desired sports along with their live streaming option too, named as Yahoo Sports. It is one of the oldest and most popular sites Amongst all which I mentioned in this article.


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The overall user interface is highly responsive, providing you the best user experience on PC, tablet and Mobile Platform too, leading to fastest and quick updates.



LiveTV directly provides you with a platform to provide live stream Sports feature which is just same as you watch a match on TV. You can watch sports online, but along with that, get the live updates to it in a form of text and discussions.

Free Sports Streaming Sites

The overall user interface is designed in a way that everyone can easily get used to it on their first visit. A simple looking UI with all options and channels available directly to the homepage.

The only con here is – This site is also offering a betting feature which leads you to bet your money to either win some extra moolah or lose it due to which this website was banned in some countries, including India. But you can get an access to it through VPN and proxy.



Hotstar, it is a website and an Android as well as iOS application which is not only offering live Sports streaming but along with that, you can watch Live TV online. This service is one of the most popular online stream website and application in India.

Free Sports Streaming Sites

This site has an option of visiting “Sports Category”, and they had collaborated with many big TV channels who are telecasting many popular Sport and games on Television. So, those games which are already Broadcasted on TV can be easily available on this website.

An easy to navigate, powerful and one of the biggest beast in this section which is delivering a top-notch service Leads to make it one of my favorite platform to watch my favorite sport, matches, and event directly from my phone. It will be A must try portal for you, especially if you are from India.



Footy Wire

Footy Wire is another great website which is offering the same service as provided above. But it is little extraordinary in terms of services. This site is not only providing you a live stream but along with that, you can also watch complete highlights of any match along with updated and to the point information of any particular sport.

Footy Wire - Free Sports Streaming Sites

You can get updates in the form of text and live to stream. All info will be directly provided to their navigation menu and header. The User interface is super simple and smooth, making it easier to navigate on any type of gadget and screen size. It deserves to be the best amongst all free sports streaming sites currently running in their target segment.


AllSport Live

AllSport Live deserved to be in a list of best free sports streaming sites. If you are in a search for a site which is offering a bunch of popular and well-known games and Titles, then This one is the best suit for you.

Free Sports Streaming Sites

This site has a huge database of all games and matches which will help you to navigate towards the match you love to watch. You can select your country, check the current running Sports and just select your desired language. After that, you will get all latest updates directly on your homepage easily.

Overall User Interface is very nice and easy to handle, loading speed is very fast and you will get a smooth Video Playback. Just tune in to this site, mate ūüôā


CBS Sports  

CBS Sports works more like a live sports update and news site. Here, you will get scores and results right on its homepage, along with that you will get sports news, updates and some insider information too.

CBS Sports - Free Sports Streaming Sites

If you are interested in watching some interesting clips and videos regarding latest matches, then you will find them right here. With it’s modern looking stylish UI, everything is managed in a form that all scores, live info and player performances can be seen right through navigation along with a selection of your desired games and matches.

If you are interested in looking up for some schedules, scores, and clips which are cut off from matches, then CBS sport is a right choice for you.



FromHot FromHot, a free sports streaming Website is one of the basic looking platforms which is powered by a strong set of live sports and matches. If a user is very new to this internet world and wants everything to navigate very easily so that user should try this one.

Free Sports Streaming Sites

Here, you will get live streaming of most popular games like Football, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball and much more. The name of every sport is provided directly in the header navigation bar. Just select your favorite game, grab the time slot and start streaming. Along with that, you can watch old matches too.

This site is updating very frequently. So, you can expect latest updates to be provided on a timely basis.



VIPLeague looks more like a software which is showing everything in a very clear and simple form. Overall, UI is very simple and easy that you will get every single option right on their homepage. You can stream many popular games like football, basketball, WWE, Tennis etc. which will be shown on navigation page along with their names and icon for easy recognition.

Free Sports Streaming Sites

You can customize the video player in your own way, select options like quality, position, speed, etc. for a better user experience. Loading speed is super fast and very smooth. If you want a simple yet effective platform to sportstream, then here is the best option, just for you.


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Batman Stream 

Batman stream is an Another web site which is offering watch sports online free. This stylish Looking platform has a great user experience which allows you to stream football, NFL, baseball, hockey, motorsports, volleyball and many more games.

Batman stream - Free Sports Streaming Sites

But not only that, you can also search for live events of your desired game [if available]. If you are in a hurry and only want some score updates and results of any particular event, then you can do so just by clicking “live scores” option on a header navigation bar.



StreamHunter is also a site which is offering those same services which we already saw previously. If you take a look at the image provided below, you can see that interface is almost as same as LiveTV site. Here, you can also select your location and change time through GMT which helps you to navigate those Sports and matches which are popular an available for your country.

Free Sports Streaming Sites

On the Homepage, you can see that all those games and matches which are currently live are being shown along with their scores and an option to stream the game online. You can also filter the list of events through a drop-down menu.

The only con which I found is – Lots of Pop Up Ads. Yes, you will have to suffer from pop up ads which diminishes the Experience. But considering the fact that services they are providing leading it to be on this list.



Visit Site

ports live is one of the most popular and best sports streaming sites in Russia which is topping the charts over the years. All credits here go to their continuous development and addition of new features from time to time to keep themselves updated.

Obviously, this site provides streams in the Russian language so you must use a translator to translate this site or skip this site and move on to check other sites from the list. You can check out scores, watch live TV and Videos of previous games. You can choose from a variety of games to start streaming.



Visit Streamwoop

Very glaring interface with trending games, Sports replays, and highlights, Live competitions, or Go to Watch Live Sports Online. Start watching trending Live games anytime through its homepage listing.

Or you can choose any category of game to see those games Live, or those which are going to happen in next day or in hours/minutes. This site is also famous for baseball leagues like Major League Baseball, Regional Baseball Leagues or College Baseball League. You can create an account to take advantage of its more features.

The overall look and navigation is quite complicated, but time by time you will get used to it very easily.


Visit U-verse

U-verse is a very popular live stream website which provides free live streams of your TV. directly on your PC, tablet or any smartphone. You just have to visit this site for watch matches online.

u verse - Free Sports Streaming Sites

It has over 205 TV Channels in which 28 are sports channels which helps you to stream live matches for free according to your need and desire. Those 28 TV channels consist of nearly all popular and well-known sports channel such as ESPN, BTN, FS1, FS2. NBCN etc. You can choose from those available sports channels to start watching streaming.

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So friend, above are some of the best Websites to watch sports online free. I hope you like all sportstream sites and give any one of them a try. If you are using any other site to watch sport online, then please share your recommendation in the comments section provided below along with your experience with it.

Well, which one is your favorite platform to watch matches online of your favorite sports game? Please leave your opinion in the comments section provided below. It will help to create a great healthy discussion for us. Liked it? Then share this article with others to so that they can also utilize your free time smartly. Will meet in our next article, until ten, you can take a look at some of our other articles too.

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