Are you searching for the best way through which you can use Poweramp Android Music player after the Trial period had been Ended? If yes, then yes, here I am going to provide you a trick through which you can legally use Power Amp Music Player for a long period of time, No crack, mod or Unlocker Needed.

PowerAmp is one of the best Android Music Players which is the oldest as well as a powerful music player which will not only providing you a platform to play your desired music but along with that, you will get:-

  • A stylish and neon-kind of UI which enhances the overall look and feel
  • You can import and export playlists easily without any hassle
  • An Impactful Equalizer which helps you to tue your favorite bands level
  • Option to boost Bass and Treble
  • Sort each and every Music in your own way.

But the real fact is – You can experience each and every feature of Poweramp Music Player for Android, but only for a limited period of time. Yes, it is actually a paid App. So, if you are planning to use this Application for a lifetime, then either you have to purchase a full version or Try the Below-Provided Trick to use power amp for an extended period of time.


How to use Poweramp Android for More than 2 Weeks [PowerAmp Full Version Hack]

For using this Android App for more than 2 weeks, you only have to follow these steps:-

1.) Firstly, simply visit playstore and Install Poweramp Music Player

2.) Now, simply use it until The trial Period will not End. Basically, the trial period is 2 weeks.

3.) When the 14 days slot is being completed, simply uninstall it.

4.) Now, download any previous version of Poweramp any third party website [I will recommend you to download it from Onhax]. If the latest version is 2.0.10, then you have to download the 2.0.09 version. Only You have to download it as of now.

5.) Now, you have to wait for 48 hours. If you uninstall Poweramp Today, then you have to install the downloaded previous version of Poweramp on day-after-tomorrow.

6.) Alternatively, you can also try this trick officially by installing Poweramp from playstore to bypass trial period easily. Just reboot your device after uninstalling the app. I tried this method previously [a few months ago and at that time it’s working but as of now, it will not work anymore for me].

7.) Now, you can see that there will be not any kind of notification popping up which is showing “trial had been Ended”. Right?

So friend, above is the complete trick which will help you to use Poweramp music player Android after trial period had been ended. This is the major factor which was limited to Full Version Only. This trick has worked for me like a charm and I tried this trick from last 4 times.

The Most common problem – What about Poweramp Playlists?

Should we create a playlist every time after installing this App? So, here’s the 100% working trick and solution for that:-

1.) Instead of creating a playlist from power amp App, let’s visit File Manager

2.) In the file manager, you have to create a new folder and name it according to your desired playlist name.

3.) Now, simply cut and paste all those songs which you want to add to that playlist. Note that you have to perform a cut-paste, not copy-paste because if you copy and paste it, it will generate a duplicate file.

4.) Now, simply open Power Amp App and there, you have to view songs in “folder”. You can see that the folder you generated is showing in the App along with your desired songs.

I hope you like this trick. This will not only apply to power Amp only, but you can feel the change on each and every Android Music Player. I simply create a new folder and put my desired songs in it instead of creating a playlist in any music Player.


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Why should you never install Poweramp Full Version Unlocker from any Third Party Site?

Well, there are many sites which are offering Poweramp full version unlocker to download for free. They are claiming that it will unlock all the premium features and provide you a usage of power amp player for an extended period of time.

Well, for you, I tried this method. I installed full version Unlocker and after a day of installing it, I am experiencing this issue:-

After getting this error, I can’t able to open this application anymore. For complete verification, I also try to uninstall it and try it using any other website, but sadly, that also didn’t work for me. Basically, for clarification, app developers try to verify all things online through their servers by using a special license which will be unique for every Android phone.

So, it can’t be possible to bypass license verification unless your Android device is not rooted. If you are using a non-rooted Android Mobile phone, then I will highly prefer you to try the trick I provided above to use Poweramp after the trial period ended.


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So friend, above is the best way to try Poweramp full version free on Android easily. For this trick, you don’t need to download any full version unlocker or mod. I hope you liked this trick and give this one a try. Let me know through comments that this trick worked for you or not. In case if it not working, I am here to guide you, my friend. I will try to figure out the error and provide the best resolution to you 🙂

Well, which one is your favorite Android Music Player? Please leave our answer in the comments section provided Below. Liked it? Then please share this article with your friends and groups. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool


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