How to remove password from RAR file without using Unlocker Software

Are you searching for the best way through which you can remove password from RAR compressed file? If yes, then this is a right place for you, my friend. Here, I am providing you a best and 100% working way through which you can remove password without using any kind of rar password unlocker easily.



Sometimes, we stuck in a situation when we only want to unlock RAR file at any cost, and at that time, it’s kinda important to remove password from it. We only want an answer to – “How to open a RAR file” without losing the data and extract them successfully without any hassle.

So, how to achieve this? How to remove password from RAR file? For answering these questions in a best possible manner, here, I am providing you a complete guide regarding unlocking RAR file without using any kind of password unlocker or crack.


How to Remove password from RAR file to Open Them

So friend, below is the complete guide for opening a RAR file without using any kind of RAR password unlocker.

Requirements to open a RAR file

  • A .rar opener [I will highly recommend you to use WinRAR here]. If you want a WinRAR software, here I am providing you a link. Just download and Install the setup and you are good to go.
  • Enough free storage space available on your PC

So friend, let’s move on and get to the process.


How to Open a RAR file by removing a password

Step 1 – I hope you downloaded and install WinRAR software on your Windows PC. Now, browse that .rar file which is encrypted with a password and open it using WinRAR.

extract files - remove password from RAR

Step 2 – After opening .rar file, just click on the second option named “extract to”. Through this, you are going to extract those files which are locked in that file.


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Step 3 – Now, you have to enter the password of that .rar file. After entering it, click on “OK”.

Step 4 – After entering the pass, it’s time to extract the archive’s content to a desktop or any other desired folder. If you don’t select any other path, it will extract all the files in the folder path of an Archive file. [I will highly refer you to select all the files, copy and paste them into a new folder named “Folder 1”].

Step 5 – Now, it’s time to remove password from RAR file. You have to right click on a folder named “Folder 1” or any folder in which you extracted all data and click on “Add to Archive”.

Add to archive - remove password from rar

Step 6 – Now, click on an option named “Ok” which has been showing on the bottom side of a new window. Now, we are going to re-compress all those files in a new .rar file.

Step 7 – Just give it some time till it compresses all data into a new archive. The good thing here is – the new .rar file which has been created by you have complete data as well as there is no password needed to unlock that Archive.


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 Why .RAR file is being used for Encryption?

An archive file is one of the best ways to compress files into one place for freeing up storage space as well as collect and save all diversified data into one. It is a very convenient as well as very simple way to save files for a long period of time without messing everything up. Sometimes, we not only want to compress data but along with that, wat to encrypt it so that only selected users can open that file.

When it comes to the protection of files and folders, we try to do everything through which we can protect it from the eyes of anonymous users. So, for this, usually, most of the users try to encrypt their data by compressing them in a .rar file which not only protects the data by locking it with a password but along with that, compresses all the files so that they can occupy less storage.


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I hope Now you will be able to remove password from RAR archive by following all the step provided above. The main thing is – you don’t need any kind of .rar password unlocker to remove pass. In case if you had encountered any kind of error while trying this method, then you can leave your comment quoting the step on which you are stuck and I will try to solve your query as fast as possible.

Well, did you ever tried to unlock the archive file which is encrypted with a password whose passcode has been forgotten? Please share your experience with us. Liked it? Then please share this article with others too. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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