Awesome Ways to Save GIF from Twitter – Download GIF from Tweet

Do you want to save any GIF image from Twitter on your Android Device and don’t know how to do that? If you are in the same boat, then yes, you are exactly at a right place. Here, I am going to provide you some of the best and easiest ways through which you can save or download GIF from Twitter without any hassle.


Twitter is all about sharing our experience and feelings in just some words and infographics. Some are using an image then others are using any particular quote to define them. In this race of tweets and followers, some of our known personalities post any favorite GIF image [which is not a kind of a “still image” but “completely Animated”].

Rather than that, those images are actually a very small part of video [I think it will last from 2-10 seconds] which will be automatically playing in a loop. Why? Because it is not a video, it’s an image which is saved in a form of Animation. In most of the cases, those GIF images posted on Twitter is showing some kind of expressions [like a cute smile, feeling sad, etc.] which we can use anywhere easily.

Sometimes, we love those Twitter GIF images so much that we want to download them and save them on our Android device’s storage so that we can share it with others on any other Social Media platform. So, for helping you out regarding this, today, I am going to provide you some of my best possible ways through which you can save GIF from twitter without any hassle.


Best ways to Save GIF from Twitter [Download GIF Images from Tweets]

So friend, let’s move on to our main content and find out some of the easy ways to save GIF images from twitter Handle.


Use an App Tweet2GIF [for Android Devices Only]

If you are an Android user and finding out any kind of best way to save GIF images from Twitter, then yes, you are very lucky here. There is an app named Tweet2GIF which is available on playstore which let you download those Animated images easily from any tweet without any hassle.

How to save Gif images from Tweet2GIF:-

1.) Open twitter and move on to your desired tweet in which that GIF image will be Included. Open that tweet and then further tap on 3 dots available on the top right side of your screen [or we can say “More Menu”].

2.) From that menu, tap on “Copy link to Tweet” and then head on to Tweet2GIF App.

3.) Just open that Android application and paste the link which you had copied previously. Then you will get an option to download any Graphics Interchange Format image.

4.) You have 2 option while downloading them or saving that particular image on your device. One is – As a GIF format or as a Video. Yes, you can also save it as a twitter video too in MP4 format. Just tap on your desired option and done 🙂 You are on a right track, mate!


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Download in MP4 format, then convert to GIF

If you are an Android user, then the first option will be the best suit for you. But what about others? Yes, I know that everything will be perfect if followed properly that’s why taking care of all my friends is my profession.

Well, it is a little complex process, but you will get used to it very easily as it is not that much time-consuming. Only what you have to do is – Download that particular Animated Image in MP4 format and then convert it to GIF and save it. It’s very easy and hardly need any kind of dedication and efforts.

So, here’s the full process to save GIF from Twitter:-

1.) Firstly, select your desired tweet and copy its link [same as I provided in a first way].

2.) Now, visit and there, you have to paste that link which you had copied and click/ tap on “Download”.

3.) Now, you will be head on to another page which shows some info about the tweet which you just copied and pasted along with the option to download it. Note that it will be saved in the MP4 format [Video]. Your image will be saved on your device shortly.

4.) Now, simply visit the site and there, you have to tap on the third option named “Video to GIF”. Then just browse and upload that MP4 file which you had just downloaded and tweak some settings according to your preference [you can leave everything to default if you don’t want to customize it].

5.) After a successful conversion, you can save that in a GIF format. I hope you will be able to follow tweet to GIF extraction process successfully.


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Save GIF from Twitter – The Conclusion

Well, I hope you like these 2 best ways to save GIF from twitter. Both of the above-provided ways will give you a proper result. It’s up to you that which one suits best for you. But if you want to take my opinion, then I will highly recommend trying the Twet2GIF app for android users [as it is only available on Android platform as of now, I can’t do much regarding other OS users]. For other Operating system, Users lie iOS, Windows, etc. the second option is the best suit for you. Yes, I accept the fact that saving images and videos manually from twitter is a time taking and little complex process, but trust me, it worth the results.


So friend, above are some of the easiest and possible ways to save GIF from twitter which are straight-forward and very easy to follow. I hope you followed any one of the above-provided ways and successfully able to accomplish Tweet to GIF extraction process. Well, which one is your favorite? Please leave your opinion in the comments section provided below. If you are following any other process then you can share your desired way too along with your experience with it.

In case if you had encountered any kind of error, then you can ask me about that through comments and I will try to solve it as fast as possible. Liked it? Then please hit that share button and help your friends regarding this. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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