15+ Awesome Sites like Couchtuner – Best Couch Tuner Alternatives of 2018

What are those appreciable sites like Couchtuner which can provide us nearly same content as couch tuner provide us? Want some Couch tuner alternatives? If yes, then this is a right place for you. Here I am going to provide you some of the best Couchtuner similar sites which are secured as well as provide you a top-notch quality.


If you love to watch movies and series online through a laptop or Smartphone, then I think you already heard about Couch-tuner. It is one of the most popular websites which is providing you with a bunch of shows and movies on one platform. Yes, I accepted the fact that this site also has some loopholes in which one of the biggest is – “Those horrible Pop-Up ads”. It literally destroys the whole entertainment experience.

Well, I think you also have some kind of acceptable reason, that’s why you are searching for some sites similar to couchtuner. So, what are those safe, secured and power-packed websites which have the potential to take place of couch-tuner in terms of features, services, and Video Playback Quality? Well, by providing you the detailed answer and some awesome alternatives to Couchtuner, here, I am providing you some f them in the section provided below. So, let’s move on 🙂


High-Quality Sites Like Couchtuner to watch movies Online

Below are some of the best Couch tuner Alternatives which you should consider anyway if you want to stream shows and movies online in high quality.

Let Me Watch This

LET ME WATCH THIS – Official Site

First on our list of best Couchtuner Alternative is “Let Me Watch This”. This is such a kind of a complete platform where you will get a complete dose of Entertainment. On this site, you can able to watch all trending and latest web series, TV shows as well as Movies, all at one place. Just navigate through their website and you will be able to grab some Valuable piece of content.

Not only latest but if you want to watch some kind of “old shows”, yes, these are also available on Let me watch this. You can also able to stream music online as well as download them too if you want to listen to them later. Everything is available for free and ready to play.


Movie Watcher

MOVIE WATCHER – Official Site

If you are a movies lover and want to fill up your free time with some interesting and latest Movies, then This site is especially for you which can be an awesome Couchtuner Alternative. Along with that, you can also able to watch your favorite TV Shows and stream their all episodes online without any hassle.

As this platform is heavily based for Movie Watchers, here, you will get the complete information of your desired Movie, along with the ratings, reviews, cast, and story-line, making it the best site to watch movies online for free. The same thing goes for series too, but the information will be partial.


The Dare TV

THE DARE TV- Official Site

The Dare TV basically not deserves to be added in the list of Sites Similar to Couchtuner Because in actual it is a great competitor of them and provides you more services as compared to Couch Tuner, leading to make it the best services in the eyes of their targeted users.

The dare TV is one of the most popular sites for watch series and movies online for free. Here, you will get the complete live schedule of your desired program that “when it will be aired on TV” and if you missed the live stream, then you can also stream the previous episodes too. The same thing will be applied to movies. Along with that, you can also download them if you want to watch them later while you are offline. All videos are available in High-definition quality, leading to provide you an astonishing User Experience.




CUCIRCA – Official Site

Cucirca is a well-known name in this Industry. This platform is heavily based on Web series and latest TV Shows. So, if you are in s search for the best site like couchtuner, but only for the sake of Watching web series online full episodes for free in high-quality Stream, Then Cucirca is the best suit for you.

They are continuously updating their site and adding more latest episodes so that a viewer will be satisfied with their consistency. The User experience is really great and everyone will get used to it very easily. The loading speed of video player is very smooth and fast, leading it to derive a high-quality content.



Crackle is one of the oldest App for Android and topping the charts for years. It deserves to be a perfect Showbox substitute. Crackle App is not only to watch movies for free but along with that, you can also watch any web or TV series through this application alone.

Currently, Crackle is handling over 20 million users which is one of the largest databases in this department. This app is available for Android, iOS, windows and many more platforms. You will get a completely smooth and buttery kind of streaming due to nice User Interface.


Series Online

SERIES ONLINE – Official Site

It is one of the most deserved and popular sites which can be called as a best Couchtuner Alternative. Series Online provides you with the latest Web and TV shows episodes and updates. You can stream them and also stream old episodes too if you missed any one of them.

The User Interface is very simple and easy to handle. All series and shows are divided into categories like Action, Comedy, etc. so that you can easily navigate to your desired Title. Everything will be available in HD you can stream them online. If you are new to this site, hen you can also take the help of ratings and reviews of series to select the best one and enjoy your free time.


IO Movies

IO MOVIES – Official Site

If you are in a search of a site similar to Couchtuner but also have some extra set of features, then according to me, IO Movies is the best suit for you. The simple navigation and UI helps a new user to navigate through their site easily without any hassle.

This site provides you with a huge section of movies, Web shows and Videos which you can directly stream online for free. Yes, everything available here will be free of cost and provide you n immense User experience. You will be able to watch any kind of movie or show, either it lies in Sci-fi category or in Kids category. You can easily find the best ones according to the popularity. A simple yet fully packed Couch tuner Alternative.


Cafe Movie

Cafe Movie – Official Site

Cafe Movie is kinda popular and well-known name amongst Movie watchers and digital Entertainment Users. It is one of the oldest sites which is providing you all about movies and TV shows. Live streaming, episodes, full movies, reviews, information of any particular title, etc. all these things will be available at Cafe Movie.


Despite they are providing these things on one platform, the User Interface is very simple to handle and you can get used to it very easily. Once you will visit their site and start using that, you don’t need any other platform to fulfill your needs in the entertainment category.



Alluc – Official Site

Alluc can be said as one of the best Couchtuner Alternative. Why? Because everything which is available on couch-tuner you will get on this website. On Alluc, you will be able to stream movies online and along with that, you will also get a dose of entertainment in terms of TV shows too [like Game of Thrones, breaking bad, etc.].

Here, you will get mostly all popular old and recently launched movies and telecasted TV shows which you can easily stream online through your smartphone or PC. They are frequently updating their sites, making positive changes and adding more and more films and shows to their database which is a good news for users. You will get all latest content on Alluc.


Global TV

GLOBAL TV – Official Site

Global TV is a very well established name in the entertainment category. This platform is even bigger than Couchtuner which means that all things which are available on Couch tuner are available on Global TV, but along with that, you will get much more extra features and services which will make it special.

You will get all latest episodes of your favorite series on this site and you can stream them in HD quality for free without any limit which is a great thing. The only con here is – their services are only limited to some countries only. Yes, they are expanding themselves at a very fast pace, but you have to first check out the availabl=ility in your country to watch your desired movie online. The reason behind their limit to few countries only is – they want to make their services super smooth, so, as the bandwidth and servers are limited physically, they limit their services to those countries only where the physical servers are located.

Not only series and movies, but you can also stream Live TV from Global TV. You can watch live TV, check out any particular Channel’s schedule and much more on this site, making it one of the best sites similar to couchtuner.



Putlocker – Official Site

Yes, Here I accepted the fact that everything available on put locker is not available legally, But if you are in a search of a perfect alternative of Couchtuner, then Putlocker is the best suit for you. Here, everything you will get for free and even you don’t need to sign up or register to stream free episodes of any series online.

Here, you will get all things which are available on couch-tuner along with a smooth interface, stylish design and frequent updates. You can stream everything up to HD quality which is a great thing in Putlocker. So, just start your journey with them 🙂



HULU – Official Site

Hulu is a very popular live streaming service and is very popular in streaming web series category. If you experienced Couch-tuner Before, then I think Hulu can be proved as the best site similar to Couchtuner. You will get all entertainment stuff along with their information and reviews.

They are continuously adding more and more titles and movies to their site, leading to provide users with a latest and updated content in a very easy way. Overall Navigation is kind of advanced and stylish. The UI is completely advertisement free, which is a great advantage here. Once you will get into it, you will be addicted to a dose of entertainment. Keep Enjoying 🙂


Select TV

Select TV – Official Site

Select TV to provide you services through which you can play games, watch movies and shows, stream Live Radio Channels and collect information regarding your desired film just through some clicks. The database of their site is very huge, resulting in providing from oldest to recently launched films and shows. You can stream them online without any hassle.

They also provide you with some extra premium features, but you will have to pay some money for that. The User Interface is really great. If you are not able to find your desired movie, then you can also search for that and you will get instant results. An overall nice package, appreciated!


Similar Shows

Similar Shows – Official Site

This site is specially designed for those viewers who are a fond of TV and Web series. This site will not only provide you with your desired TV show but along with that, you will be able to get some similar shows recommendations too.

For example – if you want to watch Game of Thrones and you type the name in search bar and hit search, then not only they will provide you Game of Thrones episodes steam, but along with that, all similar series are also displayed so that you can fill up your free time with those shows.


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So friend, above are some of the best Alternatives of Couchtuner. I hope you liked all of them and give any one of sites like Couchtuner a try. Well, if you already experienced any one of the above-provided services, then please share your experience with us through the comments section provided below. In case if you had encountered any kind of error while opening or navigating any particular site, then either you can comment or you can also contact their support team for a better resolution.

Well, my friend, what is that particular thing for which you are searching for sites similar to couchtuner? Please leave your answer in comments so that we can create a healthy discussion. Liked it? Then Please share this article with your friends and groups. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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