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Solo Launcher latest APK (255) is probably one of many apps for Android smartphone which comes in handy for all users. In general cases, there are actually quite of selections of launcher apps available for download in smartphone. Yes, most of them come with similar features and services with each other after all. However, what most of you do not know is that you have become too attached with several launcher apps without any need to change the app you have already used since forever with the new one. In this case, you should really uninstall the old launcher app and install this new one.

Solo Launcher File Information

Developer: newborntown
Version: (255)
File size: 9.4 MB
Uploaded: November 8, 2018 at 9:27AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.1 and up
MD5: 16158fea52c928557b194cdf6ee0151f
SHA1: 1e11a362b792f318304ca9000c734ee347598320

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Solo Launcher review

For those who do not know what this launcher actually is, it is actually an app which the function shows similarity of Android home page screen. Yes, it actually does some customization in the matter of your Android layout without making any significant change in Android operating system. First thing about this launcher you need to know is that it offers wide selection of themes you can use to beautify your Android home page screen. That way, you have much needed freedom in setting the appearance of your smartphone easily.

Besides wide variety of theme you can pick anytime you want, this launcher does come with several features the other apps do not come with. In this case, this app has always been considered as one of a few smartphone friendly compared to others. In that sense, it actually refers to the ability of this app in consuming less battery power and RAM than other apps. You will not have to worry about it draining your battery power fast even though just plugged it out of charger. Besides, thanks to the small memory needed for this app to work, you will not find your smartphone lag because of this app.

However, just like the old adage says, nothing is perfect, even the apps which pretty much are the creation of human. Yes, it does have flaw that unavoidably comes up to the surface. In that case, it goes to the boring layout of this app itself. Yes, it might have quite a variety of themes you can pick to beautify the home page screen. But, there is no denying that those themes have quite boring appearance.


  • It is easy to customize app.
  • It is smartphone friendly app.


  • It has boring appearances.

How to Use the App

In using this app, there are not many things you need to do beforehand. All you need to do is just install this app and pick DIY menu to do some changes with the launcher. In this menu, you will be shown a wide variety of themes you can pick for the home screen. Pick the one you like and set it to be the wallpaper of your home screen. For other feature, pick Solo Now which will offer you wide varieties of latest and most updated news of the day.


  • The icon will be added to main screen when a new APP is installed.
  • Optimize user experience and performance.
  • Fix bugs.

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