Top 4 most useful Hacks for smartphones which are less popular!

Top 4 most useful Hacks for smartphones – Technology is growing at a pace which we can’t match it. Daily we can see the introduction of new innovative ideas from any type of technological gadget. That same thing applies on out smartphones, especially Android devices. Gadgets companies are making their devices more hi-tech than ever before, considering the demand and market competition of users.

But on the other hand, if we are continuously attracting towards new devices and upgrading ourselves after using the last device for a short period of time, then do you think that that old product becomes useless? Is this any kind of justice here with that old device? No, you shouldn’t as we can efficiently reuse our old gadgets and make them fresh by simply applying new ideas on them.

So, for this, today I am coming with the Top 4 most useful Hacks for smartphones.

Top 4 most useful Hacks for smartphones

So, below are the Top 4 most useful Hacks for smartphones, let’s move on:-

Make your Android Smartphone a car Dash Cam

If you love car driving, then I think you really need cash dash camera sometimes for recording some of the best driving moments and places. So, for that, you will rush to the market and find the best car dash camera. But no friend, you can do the same thing from an old Android smartphone.

An android car dash cam - Top 4 most useful Hacks for smartphones
An android car dash cam – Top 4 most useful Hacks for smartphones

For this, you can simply use an app named “DailyRoads Voyager“. This app helps to record the videos from your Android smartphone as a dash camera and after recording, you can watch it easily. Basically, this app will contain some advertising, but you can easily remove it either by turning off the network or purchase the paid version if you like.

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Create an Android PC from your mobile

Today, mostly all smartphone, if we can see that it’s a mid-range or a flagship, contains an ample amount of RAM, powerful SoC, and storage. So why we are not using it efficiently and effectively? Yes, you can use your normal looking android smartphone as a PC.

Make you Android smartphone A PC- Top 4 most useful Hacks for smartphones
Make you Android smartphone A PC- Top 4 most useful Hacks for smartphones

For this, you’ll need an MHL to micro USB cable, a set of Bluetooth keyboard and mouse (here you can also use the USB keyboard and mouse set if your device has OTG support, a monitor, and an app name “Lena Desktop UI.

Connect both keyboard and mouse either from Bluetooth or OTG with your Android device. Then use MHL and connect it to the monitor, after that set the home screen to Lena Desktop UI as default. Congrats you had made an Android PC which has the function of calling too.


Use your wired headset as wireless on your smartphone

If you have a wired headphone or earphone but you don’t want to connect it to your Android device and listen to high-quality music on it without connecting wire to it, then you can make your headphone wireless too.

How? For this, you’ll need a simple Bluetooth audio adapter which connects to the 3.5 mm audio jack, but use only that recover which has a high quality as low-quality adapters will give you low-quality sound and are very delicate. So choose the nice one.

Bluetooth audio adapter - Top 4 most useful Hacks for smartphones
Bluetooth audio adapter – Top 4 most useful Hacks for smartphones

Then simply connect that adapter to your headphone the Lena the adapter on and then go to your Android device and search for the Bluetooth devices. You’ll find the name of that adapter there. Simply connect it and your work it’s done. Now you can easily hear music wireless without connecting wore to your Android device. You can use it on your PC tablet, iPhones etc. Where Bluetooth option is available.

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Use 2 SIMs + Micro SD card at a time by increasing a slot

You can see that today mostly smartphone is coming along with hybrid SIM slot which means that either you can use 2 SIMs or one SIM + one memory card at a time. It will give you both options, but the conditions are limited either to 2 or 1+1.

In this way, the main problem will occur for those users who want to use 2 sim cards as well as their memory card at the same time on their Android device. But if you don’t know, there’s a tool available in a market which is named as “hybrid Dual-SIM slot adapter”.

Hybrid dual-SIM adapter - Top 4 most useful Hacks for smartphones
Hybrid dual-SIM adapter – Top 4 most useful Hacks for smartphones

This connector helps you to use 2 SIM cards as well as a micro SD card at a time without any hassle. Only you have to set it up for the first time, after that it will remain fixed for a long period of time. This method is very cheap, but keep this thing in mind that it will connect your second sim externally men’s your second Sim will remain outside tour decide. So I prefer to use a back cover along with it so that your Sim will remain safe.

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So, my friend, above are the Top 4 most useful Hacks for smartphones. Did you like this article?Then please appreciate with leaving your comment down below. If you have any another hack regarding smartphone which you found is very useful, then either please comment that trick below or you can share that hack through contacting us. If you have any query regarding this article, then you can ask your query down below and I will try to solve your query as fast as possible. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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