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Top 5 best KLWP themes

Are you searching for some best KLWP themes for your Android Phone? If yes, then this is a right place for you. Here, I am going to provide you with some best Android Themes developed by KLWP which will help you to customize your Mobile’s UI amazingly. All of these are the latest themes and are on top of the list.


Top 5 best KLWP themes – Android is all about customization. You can add or remove anything and everything you found is valuable or waste respectively. There are tons of apps which help to make your android software more and more beautiful. You can change themes which can change the complete skin of the software and looks can be different from as usual sing some wallpapers, icon packs, texts, widgets, and animation.

But which one is the best theme created by KLWP live wallpaper maker? Let me give you the exact answer to your question and provide you the Top 5 best KLWP themes for Android. You will get some of the Best Android themes which are handpicked by me after using it personally. Loaded with valuable features, let’s take a look at these best KLWP themes.

Top 5 best KLWP Themes – The best of Android Customization

So friend, below are our Top 5 best KLWP themes you can try according to your choice. Note that these all are pre-customized KLWP themes. You can modify them according to your need, tweak colors, icon pack and much more by playing with settings.


1.) ElementalHome

Well, it is one of the complete KLWP themes which has all the advanced features. it is a small preset pack which comprises of 4 presets of customization options. The main feature is that you will open some apps when you tap into any picture. if you tap on the bottom of the picture you will get some contact apps list such as contacts, mail, etc. and some note editor.

Elemental Home KLWP theme
Elemental Home theme

Tapping on the top right corner will redirect you to the social media corner. Below that, you can open gallery app and camera app. When you swipe to the left of the screen, you will get the default music player along with the visualizer. Something really unique in one place. That’s why this best Android theme is in the first position. Just go for it!

Elemental Home theme- Download it here


2.) Fiver KLWP Theme

Now, a simple looking theme, but contains a load of presets make it something special deal. Fiver KLWP theme is a 5-page theme and every single page is dedicated to home, weather, your phone stats, music, and calendar respectively. I personally liked this KLWP theme because of its simplicity and lightweight.

Fiver KLWP theme
Fiver theme

On the home screen, when you tap on a clock, you will get the new window on which you will get weather details, a calendar, and your smartphone‘s battery information. You can also add your desired apps on the bottom of the screen [the blank space actually]  you want as a shortcut. Swiping on the right side will open a music player along with all music controls along with an equalizer. If you right swipe again, a new window where you will get your phone’s information [nework strength, battery and SoC temperature, RAM and processor information, etc]. Again swiping right further will give you calendar and reminder and further swiping right will provide you some weather information.

This theme is loaded with maximum features as compared to other Best Android themes available on this list.

Download Link: ALT for Kustom (Fiver)


3.) iOS 11 on Android

iOS is one of the most popular operating system [after android, obviously] and the main attraction in iOS is- some different set of tools and a completely unique UI. If you want the complete look of iOS on your android phone, then yes, this might be the best suit for you and you can’t miss this theme if you are an iPhone lover. That’s why this is our one of the most favorite and one of the best Android themes currently available.

This theme is only for those friends who want an iOS feel on Android. If you are not an iOS lover, then I must be said that I provided many other KLWP themes in our article as this theme has not ay “special” feature.

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iOS 11 KLWP theme consists of 2 pages which contain all major and most used apps and widgets. On first page [home screen] you will get all the basic and most needed apps like contacts, messages, calculator, mail, etc. if you swipe it further, you will get a second page n which you can see some main widgets like weather widget, google search bar at the top, and a calendar widget at the bottom of the screen.

When you tap on the upper side of the bottom dock, you will get a control panel through which you can set brightness, audio, music player and flashlight button, just like the iOS :).

Download Link: iOS 11 Theme


4.) Gradles KLWP Theme

Gradles KLWP theme is the simple looking 3 pages theme which has something different hidden in it. When you swipe from one page to another page, you will get the set of squares which moves in a clockwise way, as these squares are combined in a circle shape which gives it different look.

Gradles klwp theme
Gradles theme

On the first page, you will get the clock along with alarm and reminder, with battery bar at the top, one-second page, you can see the weather details along with date and day, and on the third page, you can see the list of events. Just use the icon pack which has vibrant colors and text which are in Arial bold font family [one suggested icon pack is:- “almug icon pack”], you will get the exact combination of best theme. I like this combination very well, that’s why I added it to this list of Best themes for Android. If you want more functionality and features loaded theme, then you can easily skip this one.


Download Link: Gradles theme


5.) B/W KLWP Theme

Everyone has their own choice. So friend, if you love black and white color combination [kinda antique and special] theme along with the set of normal animations, then you can try this theme. This theme consists of 3 pages. On the first page, you will get the day and date widget, below that, you will see a social bar in which you will get all social apps and at the upper bottom side, you can see the battery information. The lower bottom side will provide you 3 most used apps and an app drawer icon.

Black and white klwp theme
Black and white theme

The animation is the major positive factor here. When you swipe to see all pages, the animation you will get is awesome. On the second page, you will get the weather widget which seems natural and gives the current weather info and next 5 days forecast. After checking it for a while, data provided by them are nearly accurate. On the third page, you will get the music player which is simply looking and contains most basic buttons [like play/pause, rewind, etc]. And this is last on our list of best KLWP Themes.


Why are KLWP themes the Best Android Themes?

If we take a look at the best theme and launcher apps, then I think Nova launcher is best. But there is one flaw i.e. all themes and mods available in Nova launcher are previously made and customized and we can’t change it if we want to. In this case, we want some kind of theme maker through which we can create our own theme, add or remove widgets and customization and give our android phone a new look.

So, for this, a new application named Kustom Live Wallpaper Maker was developed by kustom industries through which you can do all the things which improve the overall customization and enhance the look and feel of the Android device through their collection of best KLWP themes. You can add or remove everything on android customization according to your need.


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So friend, above are the Top 5 best KLWP themes for Android. Which one is your best pick? Are you using any other Android theme which you found suitable for your Android Device? If yes, then please share your best KLWP theme and experience with it through the comment box and discuss it with a cup of tea :).

Do you have any query regarding any of the top 5 KLWP themes provided above? then you can ask your query below through comments box and I will try to solve your query as fast as possible. If you find this article helpful and liked these best themes for Android phone which I provided above, then don’t forget to share it with your friends, and help them also to choose the right one. Till then, you can also read some more useful related articles which are available on our Site.

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