What is Discord Bot and How it Works? Bots Functions, Features and Basics

Are you searching for some Basic yet detailed Info regarding a Discord Bot and How it works? If yes, then This is a right place for you. Here, I am going to provide you details about a server and Bot for Discord as well as its features, functions and how can you get your own server and a bot for free.

The tremendous advancements in the technology have led to an increase in the level of convenience for the user. These technological advancements are some glimpse of the future ecosystems. With the help of these advancements, one can take its productivity to the next level. One such technology is Discord bot.


What is Discord Bot?

A Discord Bot is a technical Bot used in discord server (we will look into it further).  They are virtual bots built to enhance the experience of a server. Bots for discord perform various tasks and functions that help the user in many ways. They are meant to increase the productivity of the user. They perform various functions such as; schedule an event, notifying or banning any group member or extracting some information data. But in order to understand it, we need to understand the discord server first.


So what is a discord server?

Rival to Skype, Timespeak, and Mumble, Discord server is basically a communication platform where the users can talk to each other using text and voice messages. It functions like Skype but is more advanced and productive in terms of functionality and feature. The application is available on both desktop and mobile. It is specially developed for the gamers so that they can join and make a community with the fellow gamers.


How to join a Discord server?

In order to join/make an account on the discord server, one needs to go to discordapp.com

After entering the website, click on ‘register’

Then write your e-mail ID, set up a username and a password and sign in, that’s it. You’ll be on the discord server. After that, you just need to identify your e-mail ID. It is that easy and simple.


Features of a Discord Server  

So friend, below are some of the most important and primary features of a Discord Server:-

It is free of cost

The biggest advantage of the discord as compared to other voice chatting application is that it is free of cost! You can host and join a number of servers as per your own wish. The app does not restrict the user from joining multiple servers and creating multiple chat rooms.

In-game overlay

One of the reasons why it is very popular amongst the gamers is that it allows the users to play the game while chatting with their friends and communities. this proves to be a highly convenient feature for the gamers as they can game around simultaneously while chatting on your server.

Easy to use and a modern UI

Discord is a modern application and it can be said that it is the latest in the line. There are no other alternatives better than it in terms of the UI and the feasibility to use the app. the app provides many customization option and many more features that are also gamer-friendly. Hence, by all the means it overshadows all the other chatting platforms available out there.

Functions of Discord Bot?

Bots for discord can do a variety of things for the user. The bots are available on the basis of their functionality. They do things such as playing music, following the commands of the user; which is one of the important functions of the bot, setting up schedules, reminding of schedules and also managing multiple chat rooms and communities. But let’s take a look at the top functions that the bots do;

  1. Multi-functional

The biggest feature of the bot is that it is multi-functional, i.e. it can do many things for you. For instance, you can generate poll, reward or ban members from the server. It can even generate memes and even play music for you. One of the best bots that do such multitasking is GAwesome Bot. This bot does everything that is mentioned above.

  1. Provides feed from Google and other search engines

You can even quickly get feeds and news from the search engines and internet just by giving a simple command to your bot. there are a number of bots available that performs this function. GAwesome Bot is again capable of doing this.


  1. Customized modification

Many bots allow the user to modify their functions by the users. This further enhances the user experience of the bot, and if you know coding languages then you can even create your own bot hence configuring the bot according to your own will.


How to Get your Own Discord Bot?


One of the highlights that make the server stand apart from others is the Discord Bot!

Discord Bot is a unique and multi-functioned feature. It plays many functions for the user. Most of the users want a discord music bot because it engages users also to make your community more effective. Yes, you can make your own Discord Bot, but I will recommend you to get it online for better compatibility.

You can get several bots according to your own convenience here:- Check out this Link

  • Once you enter the website you’ll see a list of bots to select from. Every bot will have different functioning and features.
  • If you are a beginner then select the one that does pretty much everything for you.
  • After selecting the bot, there will appear a dialogue box regarding the list of servers, select the one on which you want to install the bot.
  • Also allow the bot to be the administrator of your server, as that’s how the bot becomes so useful.
  • Once it is done you can see the bot on your server.

Apart from this, a Discord Bot can be developed on their own by the help of languages such as C++, Java, Python, and etc.


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So friend, above are some basic Details regarding a Bot For Discord. If you want to create your own online community and increase user Engagement, then I will highly recommend you to give this one a try. As it is better than other Voice Chat platforms like Skype, timespeak, etc. it should be a must-have add-on to your server. Just add your discord, register yourself and add your desired bot to it. It’s as simple as possible.

Well? Which one is your favorite Bot? Well, my pick is a Discord Music Bot. Please leave your opinions in the comments section provided Below. Liked this article? Then please share it with your friends and groups. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best Stay Cool.

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