What is PNG Image and How to Make a Background Transparent Easily

Are you searching for PNG Background Basics and how to make a PNG transparent background? If yes, then you are exactly at a right place. Here I am going to provide you some Basics of Portable Network Graphics Image and how to create it using Photoshop easily.


Basics – What is a PNG File?

The PNG is known as the “portable network graphics” it is also used as the extension for saving the pictures and files either so that the web-based files that actually don’t want to lose quality on the time of compressing such files. Most of the time logos, template pictures, wallpapers, background images and DP images are used in PNG format. People also use this format to send, receive, save and exchange the picture related data anywhere they need. It will also help you to make image transparent.

Most of the times any person designed logos and would be able to get some images stuff along with the transparent wall images to show their interest. People who actually not getting it possible and will be a walkthrough on how you can make and design the logos, pictures, and snaps.



Create a PNG Image with Transparent Background Yourself

If you want to make it yourself or want to Create PNG Background, then follow the tips and instructions right here for you available.

  • Opening the file of your image,
  • Add some transparent layer,
  • Try to create some background transparent,
  • Save the image as a PNG extension,


Setting Of Snaps to Create A PNG Background

All the pictures and snaps or the logos must be created into the vector or some other specific editing programs. If it is not possible then you can get to cover the other software for making them attractive and beautiful either. The best thing about PNG setting and editing is Adobe Illustrator in our industry and standard in vector editing programs. That image format is the little-known image format that You can use on the web.

PNG image format is unique because you can do the Alpha effect with it. The Alpha effect is where you set transparency factor in certain areas of the PNG image. That is what makes the shadow looks so real. If you can create a picture attractive and logo then with the colored background you must make the background transparent and you can also convert the file format with that. You can also convert the file format into the PNG if it is the file that is designed for transferring the images onto the internet before.

With the final step as saving the image into the selection of your chosen format and that should be PNG. It is automatically available in every window installed in computer or laptop. At the time of saving a new image on your computer as the giving command “Save AS” you will be able to save that in PNG or jpg format the choice will be yours.

Actually, the image size option should automatically be populated with the dimensions that you can set up with the creating your file and then if you want to realize the file before saving you may do so in the area and can have in your desired format.


Creating PNG Transparent Background with the Photoshop Versions

The compression has actually into the advantage and thorough the image JPG files size are almost always smaller than the PNG’s which actually means that JPEG works quite well in the terms and series for compromise between the quality of photo or the picture you want. So if you really want to complete your assignment with the Portable Network Graphics pictures and snaps and will complete your website design or log then you can get information and tips about any problem and then right from here. This will help you to make image transparent easily without any hassle.

To remove background using Photoshop, you have to:-

1.) Open Adobe Photoshop and open your desired image in it.

2.) Now, you have to select the object layer using the selection tool and Copy-Paste it in a new file.

3.) Now, you can see that your desired object will be separated successfully from a background in the new file in which you had pasted your main Object/icon.

4.) Just save this new file in the form of PNG and tick on “interlace” while saving it. Your work has been done successfully 🙂

Overall PNG Transparency depends on how Clearly you remove the background to give more details to a main object/icon.


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So friend, above are all the details regarding PNG Transparent background and how you can create it yourself for free in a very easy way. I hope you will like it and give this method a try. If you had encountered any kind of error, then friend, I am here to help you. Just leave your comment below and I will try to solve it as fast as possible.

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