Whatsapp Marketing – How to Promote your Business with 2 Billion Users

Do you want to successfully create a campaign through which you can promote your business or website through WhatsApp amongst WhatsApp Users Easily? If yes, then this is a right place for you. Here, I am going to provide you the exact way through which you can do Whatsapp Marketing.


Today, Approx. 1/3rd of the global population is actively using WhatsApp as a source of Social Media to connect with others. This is kind of a nice platform on which you can easily do whatsapp marketing which can go viral if your business has a potential to do so.

So, how to promote your business on Whatsapp with a smarter yet easy way? Is there any kind of rocket-science hidden behind it? For answering you these 2 questions in a detailed way, below I am providing you an exact guide which you can follow to grow your business through WhatsApp.


How to Successfully do WhatsApp Marketing with an Ease?

So friend, below I am providing you a complete guide regarding how to promote your content through WhatsApp:-


Step 1 – A sign-up Process

Firstly, you have to visit yesmobo.com and there, on the top-right side, click on “Advertisers Sign Up” button. Now, a complete form has been displayed on your screen in which you have to enter your name, email ID, mobile Number, Password, etc. to confirm that the particular business and campaign runner is originally you. Here, keep this thing in mind – Don’t forget your email ID and password because you need it everytime you visit this site for successful sign in.


Step 2 – Create your first Campaign

Now, after a successful sign-up, you have to sign in to it using your E-mail ID and password which you had entered while registration. Then, a complete dashboard will be allocated to you through which you can see the total campaigns, total credits, available credits, balance and much more for better transparency.

As you are a new user, just click on “create Campaign”. Here, you have to create an interesting an eye-catching advertisement regarding your site or business [whichever you want to promote], set the amount and your campaign is created successfully.


Step 3 – Submit your Ad and Relax

When you successfully create an Ad and set your budget, simply submit your advertisement and the Yesmobo team will verify your Ad. If it will be approved, your advertisement will be displayed on their official App. Now, here the game starts:-

  • The users who promote your content will get 1 rs. and that 1rs will be deducted from your account.
  • When the WhatsApp users share your ad with their friends and groups and clicks on the link provided by you in the advertisement, only then the amount will be deducted from your account.
  • If viewers did not click on your ad, then your amount will be safe and you can also roll-back your credits to your bank account.

Detailed Information About Whatsapp Marketing

Below I am providing the official video of Whatsapp Marketing by Yesmobo for making Info Better:-



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So friend, above I provided the complete process to do Whatsapp Marketing in a smarter and efficient way. I hope you will be able to get a huge Success on this platform and set a campaign in which you have to invest less and get more output.

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