Why Should You Choose PDF File Format? Few Tips To Remember

Do you want to know why you should save a file in a PDF format instead of .doc or .txt format? Well, here I provided you a few reasons which will help you to understand better about it. So, let’s go.

In our digital era, the Portable Document Format is an integral part of every business. The PDF is de facto electronic paper and its considered one of the most reliable and efficient ways to share information.

Many businesses and government institutions use the PDF format as their main way to handle electronic documentation. Almost any computer is equipped with a PDF reader, such as Soda PDF. For many years, it’s been a standard way of interaction between customers and companies.

What makes PDF so successful, you ask? Well, it all goes to portability, seamless viewing and printing process across multiple platforms. This format has the unique ability to work the same way on different devices, which is the most important factor in its success.

So, why should we move towards PDF when it comes to creating and saving the document digitally? For fetching the best answer to this question, below I provided you some of the best pointers which will help you to understand better about it.

PDF vs DOC – Why PDF is the Best Choice?

So friend, let’s take a look at the factors through which this file format leads in a PDF vs Doc race.

Friendly interface

Of course, there are other solutions like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, HTML that have similar functions. However, the PDF files can be easily shared with others and it will appear the way you see it to the viewer as well.

This eliminates the worries whether the other side will have the same PowerPoint version or can their computer open .docx files. Moreover, you might not want to give them the option to modify the document.


A reliable instrument for presentations

There are many solutions for presentations, but when it comes to complex graphic design and charts, certain things might not appear the way you want.

The fonts might not be the same or images might be dislocated. Moreover, sensitive information that you might not want to disclose, such as notes or metadata, can be viewable.

That’s where PDF comes in handy, providing a good solution in which you can trust that it will render the source document


The most common PDF myths

Many people believe that the PDF file can’t be modified, which is a wrong statement. It’s a common misunderstanding, but PDF documents can be changed especially when you don’t implement some security controls
Not long ago, the attacks against the format were rare, but due to its popularity, they have started to increase. A recent report from IBM reveals that PDF and Adobe have been under a siege even more than Microsoft Office.


PDF has vulnerabilities as any other technology

The Portable Document Format is an open published standard, which opens certain opportunities in front of hackers.

The most popular PDF scam is with a file of this type that is emailed as spam. Due to the good name of the format, it has greater authority amongst users, which means a better click-through ratio.

Back in the days, viruses were known only to software. The Acrobat JavaScript API allows the implementation of malicious software in many ways. Individuals can add it embedded into the file, using flash content, fonts, presentations, etc.

Even though that some of the 3rd-party Readers don’t have the same functionalities as Adobe, but they have enhanced security features and are preferred by many users. For example, the Sodapdf has a feature that allows you to rotate PDF in a few clicks.


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So, friend, above is all about choosing PDF document above any other document files like .txt, .doc, etc. I hope now you will be able to understand it and always try to save a document in a PDF format. Well, which one document file is our favorite? Is it Microsoft’s .doc, notepad’s .txt or PDF. Please leave your opinion below along with the reason why you like it.

If you found this article helpful, then please share it with others also so that they will also get to know about PDF file. Until then, you can take a look at our other articles too.

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