In our Android Phone, we had seen an app named Android System Webview. But what is it? What’s the Main purpose of Android System Webview and how to use it? Here, I will provide you the exact answer of these questions along with the opinion of “should I uninstall it or not?”. So, here we go.


What is Android System Webview?

According to Google, Android System Webview is a system component which is powered by Google Chrome. This allows each and every Android Application to display and browse web content without any hassle.

If I want to describe this complete thing in some words then:- Android Webview allows each and every 3rd party applications and browsers [like google map, Amazon, youtube, chrome, etc] to show and content and gives you a platform of doing all heavy kind of things in any web browser or in an app screen that uses the web to display content.

It is kind of a little superhero which back each and every online content provider, either it is any particular Application or a browser. So, it is important to have this kind of Application which doesn’t need ay kind of manual control.


Whats the Use of Android System Webview App?

I hope you already got the exact answer to “what is Android System Webview”. Now, it’s time to understand the complete process which shows the reality of this secret superhero of Android Phones.

For the best understanding, I will provide you an example from which you will derive from a PC to an Android Phone.

Let me tell you this in detail:- If you are a PC user, then you have to just open any browser [well, I will refer you to open Google Chrome]. Now, you just have to open and browse any video. Found it? Ok, just play it. Now, open Task Manager and move on to “processes” tab. There you can see that along with Google Chrome, there are many other processes. Just close chrome browser.

I think you already analyzed now that when you closed Chrome, in task manager, not only chrome.exe process removed, there are many other processes which were also stopped simultaneously. [in case you aren’t able to analyze it, then repeat this process once again. I assure you will get your answer].

So, same is the case with Android device. When you open google chrome, firefox, UC browser, etc. on your android phone, there are many processes which are there but you can’t see them [as we are on our phone, not on PC]. If you are thinking that Google chrome, firefox or any other browser Android App is handing all those processes alone, then friend you are little wrong here. That particular web browser is only showing you the content. All the processes which help to display that content are being handled by an Android Webview App. When you open any browser, you are not only open that but you are also activating android system Webview app which will work in Background.

So I think now you can understand what is the purpose of Android Webview.


Should I perform Android Webview Uninstall or Disable it?

Well, firstly, in most of the devices, this can’t be uninstalled, especially if you are not a Rooted Android User. Means it is an app which is bundled with Android firmware. As it runs in Background and can be used as a silent hero, you can’t “feel” it.

android system webview

If you are a rooted Android Phone user, you can uninstall android system Webview App, no matter which device you are using. But keep this thing in mind that you have to compromise with all web content which will be displayed in any web browser or any other application. Same is the case with making it “disable”. Ready for compromise? Then move ahead of my friend. No? Then, welcome to BuildMeBest 🙂


Will Android System Webview get Updates?

Luckily, yes. this can be updateable. As I already said, this app [or I can rather say a bunch of processes handler] is bundled with firmware, Google kept take care of it seriously. Suppose if there is any kind of new feature added on the web [means any website or app which uses a web to show content], and its process handler is not available on Webview, then it will automatically search for an update and after successful update, it allows you to browse that particular feature seamlessly.

android system webview update

If you want to perform a manual update, simply open playstore, search for this app, tap on a first search result and you can see a green button which says “update”. Just tap on it and it will be updated to it’s latest version.


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So, friend, I hope now you got all the answers regarding Android System Webview App. In case if you have any kind of query regarding anything described in this article, then you can comment your query and I will try to solve it as fast as possible.

Here’s the question – what is the size of Android Webview App acquired on your Android Device? Please check it and leave your answer in the comments section and also include Your Phone Name and model. Liked it? Then please hit that share button and forward this info to your friends and groups. Will meet in our next article, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.


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