5 Best Youtube Alternative for Online Video Streaming and Monetization

Are you searching for some best Youtube alternatives and similar sites and applications? If yes, then you are lucky today. Here, I am going to provide you 5 best alternative to youtube which will not only help you to select the best one, as well as provide the complete info about other Online Video Streaming sites too.


What are those youtube alternatives which are helpful for both Creators as well as Viewers? For finding the exact detailed answer to this question, here, I will provide you some best sites similar to youtube in terms of monetization as well as User experience.


5 best Youtube Alternative you should Try

Below are your best websites and apps like youtube for Online Video Streaming. Let’s take a look:-


Dailymotion, this is a word which you must be heard once in your life if you are a fond of youtube. Basically, it is a second best site in online video streaming category which will not only provide you a platform to upload and share any video online but along with that, you can also monetize your video which will, at last, generate income for you.

As a Viewer’s point of view, you will get a nice and smooth UI which will boost your User experience. Here, you will get plenty of professional as well us user-created videos which will be helpful for you. You can add any other user which is in your contact list to it and send a feedback too. You can stream HD videos online through Dailymotion and create a great community on this platform.




From past several years, Vimeo is kind of becoming popular in this niche making it a great platform for video sharing. Here, you will get many professional and high-quality Videos which will provide a value to you as well as the creator.

Most of the creative users normally upload their video on it so that they can target their audience in a right way. If you are a new creator, then you can learn everything through their video school which will provide you some basics as well as detailed tips to make your video looking more professional and content-worthy in your budget.

Coming towards Viewers point of view, then yes, I must have to say that It can easily give a tough competition to youtube as their UI is smooth, Video playback and loading is very fast as well as you can stream HD video Online through this platform.




Metacafe is an entertainment site on which you will get all videos which are related to sports, art, comedy, movies, travel, and many more which will provide you a dose of entertainment and on the other hand, useful too. Here, you will get videos which are short in length, leading to provide you a nice user experience as creating fix all those useful info in that 10 minutes, hence, saving the extra time easily.

If you are a creator, then it is a great platform to earn money by monetizing your videos. Here, you will get 5$ for every 1000 views on your video which is a great thing. This amount is fixed and you will get it every time, no matter what’s going on. You can share some small and sweet videos which are created by you to avoid Copyright claims.


Today, twitch is trending all over the globe socially. Here, you can do live streaming and share your skills and knowledge with everyone and interact with viewers too easily. When twitch started, the main motive behind the creation of this website is “smooth live game streaming”. Yes, you can stream your favorite game and share your live gameplay with your friends.

Now, they expanded their range by adding more genres like cooking, education, and tutorials, creative arts as well as real-time chats for a better interaction, making it a great youtube Alternative. You can just promote your brand on this international platform to increase your leads and customers.

As a viewer’s point of view, then yes, it will not only provide you some live videos to play and watch but along with that, most of the regular viewers will get rewards as they are continuously running contests time to time for improving the overall experience.


If you are a fond of music and stream music videos online on youtube casually, then I think you already heard this word “Vevo”. Vevo is a very popular self-hosted music site where you will get music videos and audio. Most of the original Music creators and brand are already attached with Vevo and upload their videos on it.

The only bad thing about this is – here, you will only get music videos. Yes, the overall approach is only limited and targeted to music industry only. You will not get any comedy, news, educational, or any other type of videos on this site. Well, you can able to watch some of the music Albums on youtube too which are powered by Vevo, thanks to their agreement. It is a must watch site if you are a music lover, making it a nice site similar to youtube in music industry only.



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Why We have to search for some best Youtube Alternatives?

Youtube, which is topping the charts from years in the category of Online Video Streaming is continuously leaving every other competitor behind. According to Viewers experience, viewers are getting an immense output from youtube as they are continuously developing themselves by making small changes, adding more and more features to it which will be valuable for viewers as well as improving their site performance. But in terms of video creators, who are uploading their video to it, are kind of disappointed today.

Youtube has been called as one of the best sources for Online income as well as share your skills with others in terms of video. Yes, it is best, but the pace at which they are changing their rules and policies are much more kind of a “nightmare” for most of the video creators. The monetization policies took a great leap this year which is kind of “unachievable” for new creators who have to social background and a complete newbie in this field.


So friend, above are some of the best alternatives to youtube which you can consider if you want to take a break from youtube and try other platforms too. I hope you like this article and find it helpful. Well, which one Online Video Streaming site is best except youtube? Please leave your opinion in the comments section provided below o that it will help other viewers too.

If you find this helpful, then don’t forget to share it with others to that they can also try any of the above-provided websites and platforms. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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